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2020 Olympic Champion

2020 Olympic champion


Known for ultra-modern designs, created by uniting celebrated traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology and techniques, MJ Jones is forging the future of fine jewellery. Challenging high fashion, the London based brand sculpts unconventional forms from Earth’s most precious materials, juxtaposing the world of luxury with rebellious individuality.

It’s thanks to these designs that MJ Jones has become the go-to for celebrities, athletes and other forward-thinking brands in search of unique pieces to celebrate or memorialise career achievements and special moments.

2020 saw one such partnership when the Brazilian footballer, Paulinho, chose MJ Jones to create a championship ring that encapsulates his Tokyo 2020 Olympic victory.

Brazil is renowned for producing football talent and the young star, Paulinho, is certainly no exception. With his career on the rise, he’s looking set to become one of the nation’s favourites. A fearless striker for the Bundesliga club, Bayer Leverkusen, his bold and assertive style makes him a solid goal-threat. Known for his unwavering ambition and determination, Paulinho is one of the most hardworking youths in football.

Although his career is still growing, it’s evident that he throws his all into honing his incredible skills and overall development, both on the pitch and off. This is why the announcement of his position in the Brazil football team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was hugely celebrated.

Wanting to carry the memory of this victory with him forever, Paulinho commissioned a bespoke championship ring from MJ Jones.

‘I would like to thank MJ Jones for marking this special moment for me, as this will stay with me for the rest of my life. It is something that I am very happy to have and I am very grateful for this beautiful ring, it has turned out wonderfully’ – Paulinho

Commemorating the incredible win for Paulinho’s home country of Brazil, the national flag is proudly recreated in 56 vibrant green baguette sapphires and hand-painted enamel detailing of the highest craftsmanship. Bordered by the Olympic rings, intricately engraved above his personal shirt number 7.

Carrying the flag,18 carat solid gold shoulders are intricately carved with Paulinho’s name and Tokyo 2020, eternally marking the event. Flowing into a dual band that boasts a sharp form expertly designed to balance shadows and highlights so as to enhance the gold engraving, enamel detailing and green sapphires.

Fine detailing continues even inside this dual band with an engraving of the MJ Jones monogram pattern.

Honoured to collaborate with the talented striker in celebration of his monumental achievement, MJ Jones also presented Paulinho with a MJ Jones Armoured Jewellery Case, stating his ring is a 1-of-1 piece and was created in his name. The black tone of the case was chosen to graciously highlight the vibrancy of the championship ring within.

Speaking of the ring and his incredible achievement, Paulinho didn’t forget his fans:

“It was something wonderful and something that I marked in my life, I will always remember this great moment and for all those who cheered for me.”

He chose a championship ring designed by MJ Jones to immortalise his phenomenal achievement because he wished for it to be unique.

“I wanted something a little different and it was a really cool idea to put it on a ring…I’m very happy to have this.”

He also wanted something a little easier to wear and show off than his Olympic gold medal and matching calf tattoo. Jokingly, he commented,

“After the Olympics, I came straight from Japan to Germany, I tried to stay as long as possible with the medal around my neck. I arrived there on the street with the medal still around the neck, but that was just for fun, just for banter.”

Understanding Paulinho’s joyous pride in his achievement, MJ Jones included a travel case equipped with a protective membrane that suspends the championship ring when on the move, enabling Paulinho to take the ring with him wherever he goes in life.

And he explained that the ring will travel not only with him through his lifetime but also across generations of his family, as a treasured heirloom.

“I will keep this ring for the rest of my life, as long as I am here it will be with me, I’m very happy to have this ring which turned out beautifully… It will certainly be passed on, and I hope that the future generations will enjoy not only the piece of history but the ring itself that has encapsulated this beautiful moment.”

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