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Inspiring architects and interior designers for almost 50 years, Havwoods is the prevailing name in beautiful wood flooring design. Gracing the surfaces of the world’s finest restaurants, hotels and private residencies, Havwoods’ superior collection is available in an extensive range of species, finishes and colours. Combining unrivalled expertise, up-to-the-minute designs and an ever-expanding global portfolio of showrooms, Havwoods sets the benchmark for superior quality wood flooring.

The Italian Collection by Havwoods

The Italian Collection is one of the many wood flooring collections by Havwoods, and it was created with inspiration from the intricate floors of Italy. This highly popular wood flooring collection features narrower, thinner Plank, Chevron and Herringbone blocks to provide more flexibility for laying the flooring in complex patterns, or mixing it with other materials such as tiles. The three formats of Plank, Chevron and Herringbone are available in 16 different shades allowing for much freedom with the overall design of a space.

The products in The Italian Collection are a highly consistent engineered board with two layers: a surface of select grade slow-grown European oak, which accounts for over one-third of the overall depth of the product, and it is backed with a spruce or birch ply as the second layer.

The Italian Collection boards are made from European Oak, and they are FSC® (FSCCOO9500) certified timber. They feature a traditional tongue and groove profile and come with a lacquered finish. The products are also suitable for underfloor heating. Please note that all Herringbone and Chevron blocks are supplied with a groove on two sides and tongue on two and are handed. They will be supplied in the correct ratio.

Ash Tree Farm Project

Ash Tree Farm is a luxurious residential property located in the picturesque village of North Newbald, surrounded by the rolling Yorkshire Wolds. The property is a former farmhouse that was transformed into a stunning family home with modern amenities, while still retaining its original characteristics.

The installation of the wood flooring played an important role in achieving a cohesive, elegant look that complemented the property’s existing characteristics such as the stone feature walls. The result was a warm and inviting atmosphere that blends in the old and the new, making the property a beautiful example of modern living in a rural setting.

This project is an example of where two high-quality wood flooring products from The Italian Collection were used: Columba Select 120mm and Columba 70mm. The products were chosen for their durability, elegance and style, adding a touch of luxury and working beautifully with the rest of the interiors.

Flannels, United Kingdon

Flannels is a luxury retailer with over 50 stores across the UK. It recently launched three new stores based in Fosse Park, Liverpool, and Meadowhall. Flannels has been around since 1976 and prides itself on offering a curated selection of designer clothing and accessories.

Whilst offering a full turnkey solution, EB Designs, who project-managed and directed the install, turned to Havwoods for the flooring. Havwoods’ Columba Select 70mm Block from The Italian Collection was chosen for the project offering a unique aesthetic that complements the luxury designer clothing and accessories that Flannels offers. The flooring is a standout feature in the new stores.

The FSC® (FSC-COO9500) certification of the flooring also underscores Flannels’ commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. The final install demonstrates the importance of attention to detail and quality when it comes to creating a luxury retail experience. The renovated stores showcase Flannels’ dedication to providing their customers with the very best products and experiences.

For more information on The Italian Collection or any other wood flooring products please contact Havwoods.

Wood beyond flooring

In addition to its portfolio of over 400 stunning wood flooring solutions, Havwoods has recently extended its offering to meet the changing needs and requirements of its customers by launching an extensive new collection of decorative timber surface solutions.

Elegante Veneers is one of the stunning new collections offering you a stylish solution for a range of different surfaces in beautiful 3-dimensional patterns. Elegante Veneers are available in three construction formats, 14 designs and 12 colours allowing for a vast variety of design possibilities.

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