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The e°CABIN™, CTN’s fully automated and electrically operated full-body cryotherapy cabin


The importance of successful performances in the world of high performance sport has left coaches and athletes searching for any advantage that improves performance. The quality of recovery is vital for the high performance athlete.

Post-exercise cooling is a popular recovery method used by athletes and for those who want to improve their overall wellbeing. The effects of cold exposure after training aims to restore and recover physiological and psychological processes after strenuous exercise.

The optimal recovery provided by CTN’s e°CABIN™ provides numerous benefits, especially for repetitive high-level training and competition. The effects on performance, fatigue, recovery and muscle injury is highly effective and therefore sought after by athletes and professionals around the world.

CTN’s e°CABIN™ is the first of its kind offering an easy to install ‘plug-andplay’ device for those seeking to take recovery and wellbeing to the next level. Up until now, traditional cryotherapy devices have been complicated to install followed by expensive operating costs. These traditional cryotherapy devices have required significant costs in infrastructure, such as ventilation, placement of gas cylinders and complex energy sources.

This has increased the work and costs involved in the installation and use. Recently, many countries have also restricted or even prohibited the use of cryogenic gases for these cryotherapy devices, increasing the need for electrically operated cryotherapy recovery equipment.

That is why CTN has developed the e°CABIN™ with its patented technology, which eliminates almost all the previous challenges mentioned in the sector of recovery and wellness technology. The e°CABIN™ operates with standard power supply, and there is no need for additional costs in infrastructure or safety equipment. CTN’s e°CABIN™ is simple to use, safe and efficient. The device can also be used independently without the assistance or supervision of a professional making it possible for anyone to harness CTN’s ultimate recovery technology, even at the leisure of their own home.

The device is designed and manufactured in Finland by CTN. Finnish technology is renowned for being innovative and safe. At CTN they are proud to call these values their own. And as people of the land with more winter than any other season, they really know about cold. Their mission statement is to offer top of the line recovery equipment that is easily available to everyone, everywhere.

The efficiency of this device is based on the rapid and controlled cooling of the skin tissue and the resulting thermal shock of cells, which initiates the entire body’s state of survival in which the production of life-supporting hormones and enzymes increases. The exposure to sub zero temperatures to the whole body have been found to facilitate the recovery of many issues effectively, relieve stress and restore the entire mind and body. This allows for example high performance athletes to enhance their recovery, so that they can train and compete again at the highest level.

The cabin’s display indicates the cooling power achieved with the given flow rate. The skin’s surface cools down exceptionally rapidly, but in a controlled manner, to the target temperature set in the software. The skin’s surface temperature and cold production is controlled so that the whole body, from neck to ankles, cools down consistently. Thermal sensors accurately measure the entire body’s surface temperature in real-time. Based on collected data during the session, the cabin’s sophisticated software adjusts the cooling power so that the end result of each recovery session is uniquely tailored to the needs of the user.

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