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 Any car, any track, any time.

Cranfield Simulation, experts in high-tech simulator solutions and supplier to F1, NASCAR and LMP teams and professional drivers, have recently launched AXSIM – a new brand offering bespoke racing simulators specifically designed for both commercial and luxury home installations.


The best motion simulators on the market?

All AXSIM simulators start with a D-BOX suspension platform, recognised by the FIA (the governing body of motorsport) as the best solution available today. Motion codes are programmed with game studios to ensure that realism and responsiveness are maximised, going beyond crude movement and replicating vibrations and textures such as cracks on the surface of laser-scanned racetracks.


However, the engineers don’t stop there…

Their Formula and GT Simulators add the option of Cranfield’s yaw platform for the simulator to move freely on curved rails. This allows the back end to slide out, and for the driver to experience oversteer and feel the tyres grip beneath them.


If this still isn’t impressive enough…

Their top-of-the-range setups feature technology originally developed by Cranfield’s aerospace division for training military fast jet pilots, having delivered 130 systems to over 20 different Armed Forces worldwide. This innovative system uses airbags throughout the seat lining and driver harness which rapidly inflate and deflate to apply pressure to parts of the body to create the feeling of sustained g-force, without the side effect of motion sickness caused by traditional motion platforms.


The result, trusted by fighter pilots and good enough to train F1 drivers.

Aside from the motion technology and professional grade motorsport components, AXSIM have carefully selected the best partners to offer a complete simulation room package; including Samsung for displays, and high-end built-in audio courtesy of KEF.


The energy-efficient systems can be powered by a regular mains supply, and take up a footprint no larger than the car itself. This opens up the potential to install almost anywhere, from a garage or games room to a purpose-built racing studio in the garden – and with no building modifications required can easily be transported to a new home.


Can driving simulators replicate reality?

A good question. Traditional methods of simulation involve large machines, or ‘hexapods’, that lift the driver into the air on large hydraulic legs, possibly moving on runners, pitching from side to side, or even shaking violently to attempt to recreate the sensation of g-force. Such systems can not only cause motion sickness, but also require vast warehouses and a dedicated team of engineers to operate and maintain.


With the combination of state-of-the-art motion technology, and the latest off-the-shelf software titles such as Assetto Corsa, iRacing or Project CARS – the AXSIM solution can provide not only an incredibly immersive entertainment experience, but a valuable driver training tool.


“To say it works would be an understatement. Am I gushing? I might be gushing. But I drove it, this unreal thing, as hard as I dared for half a dozen laps, and my mind was totally convinced. I pushed harder. I sweated. I nearly crashed. Eventually the tyres went off and I felt that too. It totally sucked me in.” 



All AXSIM systems are custom built to order and by quoting “SWM” will include a complimentary design service to make it truly individual, from interior trim options to an external livery designed by a well-known F1 graphic designer!


Now imagine having the opportunity to drive almost any car, on any track, at any time, without leaving home.

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