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Behind the scenes with GN Tobacco

For nearly 20 years GN Tobacco has been perfecting it’s craft.

In recent years the company has been at the forefront of innovation within the industry contributing to a growing reputation with people across the world.

From exotic flavours to traditional nicotine pods, GN Tobacco’s mission has always remained the same – to create freedom of choice for consumers in a growing market.

Today, they distribute to more than 70 countries and have a brand portfolio that includes renowned lines such as White Fox and their latest offering, HIT.

Recently SWM was permitted to go behind the scenes at their state-of-the-art production facilities in Enköping, Sweden.

SWM spoke to Max McKinnon, COO at GN Tobacco, for an exclusive insight into the journey so far and the plans for the future.

Max explained that despite humble beginnings, the company was on a path to the very top.

“GN Tobacco started its journey not so long ago,” says Max. “We started with a small facility in the North of Sweden with just one production line.

“As the years went on we worked tirelessly to try and establish a foothold in the market with only our desire for success and the ambition to reach the very top.

“In those days we could never have imagined we’d be where we are today. We’ve progressed, learned a lot and made some mistakes, but overall we’ve had some great successes.

“We set out to create a brand that everyone could enjoy. Regardless of which flavour they prefer, it was important that we offered something for everyone.

“Flavour was important, but the market was stuck at one level in terms of strength and nobody was interested in doing anything other than that.

“When we entered the market we understood that people liked different things which paved the way for the successes we’ve had since.

“Now we have coverage worldwide and our products are considered a household name.:

GN Tobacco enjoyed huge success in those formative years, but it was time to expand production and seek new premises to cope with growing demand.

In 2014 the company moved to a 5000m2 factory in Enköping, an industrial city just a stone’s throw from Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm.

With newfound capacity, Max and his tea spearheaded a new and improved production process capable of taking GN Tobacco to the next level.

“When we moved down here to Enköping in 2014, we had a factory that was so big we weren’t sure we would ever fill it,” says Max.

“Standing here today in 2022 our factory is enormous and I don’t think there’s a square metre left that we could fir something in.

“We needed something bigger to cope with demand and now we have 5000 sq. metres dedicated to production and over 18 different production lines.

“As a company, we’ve set incredible standards and become trendsetters who’ve blazed trails that others were too scared to follow or that they thought would never be successful.

“We’ve successfully walked those paths and there are others now following behind us trying to replicate out successes.

“We’ve never copied anyone. Instead, we prefer to create new products and focus on what we want to do and achieve as a company.”

HIT Nicotine Pouches is the latest product to hit the marker from GN Tobacco. Inspired by the black panther, it’s an all-white, tobacco-free nicotine pouch designed to revolutionise the industry.

With five unique flavours – Blackberry, Blueberry, Apelsin, Dr Cherry and Lemongrass – HIT is for consumers who have grown tired of the abundance of increasingly sweet or uninspired all-white products.

HIT flavours come in both slim and mini pouches which means you can enjoy them discreetly without compromising on taste or strength.

The future is bright for GN Tobacco. Plans are in place for further expansion as the company looks to increase its presence across the globe.

SWM is proud to partner with GN Tobacco and looks forward to documenting the company’s progression over the next two years.

To purchase or to find out more, contact your SWM client liaison.

SWM does not condone the use of nicotine-based products.

The purpose of this advertorial is to promote nicotine based alternatives to traditional snus. Tobacco can be be harmful which is why SWM does not condone the use of tobacco-based products under any circumstances.


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