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Bespoke & Beautiful

At MetalForm we incorporate Nordic-inspired architectural features of steel and glass that captivate the eyes. We are experts in crafting striking focal elements that add value and interest, transforming your property. 


 “Sharp, bold steel elements add a coveted look that’s second to none. Steel is just sexy, Nordic design is a showstopper and we’re excited to bring our style to the UK.” – Jo Berner, Group CEO. Imagine a brighter space with crisp lines and architectural desirability, that’s what a MetalForm feature wall adds to a room. 


Steel is Just Sexy 

If you’re looking for a material that transcends the mundane, we can assure you. It’s steel. Thermally broken steel has many advantages over aluminium framing. It’s 3x stronger, more secure, longer-lasting, eco-friendly, noise-reducing and available in a wider range of finishes than aluminium. But beyond its technical benefits, steel offers more design value. It’s timeless and will weather trends as well as years. A steel-set architectural wall will continue to add significant aesthetic value over the lifetime of your property. Plus, its slim profile offers an expansive glass canvas for brighter, lighter living every day. 


Collaborate with MetalForm 

MetalForm is a premium blacksmithing and fabrication brand. For over 20 years, we have delivered steel framing of the highest quality to our clients all over Europe. We go beyond simple fulfilment to provide a comprehensive white-glove service that combines collaborative ideation, bespoke design, on-site surveying, custom manufacturing and full installation. Our goal is to realise your unique vision in steel and glass. 


 An Elevated Service. 

Your vision matters and we take it seriously. Our Managing Director, Leon Iacono, is available to discuss your requirements directly. His wealth of experience in restoration and renovation is bolstered by a creative eye for design that will ensure a perfect, clean finish.


Your ideas are in safe hands; reach out via email to [email protected] today. 

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