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Brave New World

Spanning both physical and digital spheres, new-generation art is redefining the concept of modern luxury.


Our sense of what is precious is always being honed as our tastes evolve: these days, the concept of luxury can mean many things, from a well-crafted piece of furniture whose beauty is enhanced by the patina of age, to the sense of wellbeing offered by an understated home that effortlessly blends inside and out. Fluidity is key – whether the freedom to work in an agile manner or the ability to embrace the digital world with the same verve as the physical. Imagine being right at that cultural cross-section, where function meets form and art meets tech…



The ARX is a revolutionary new art consultancy and virtual/physical gallery that bridges the gap between physical and digital art worlds – one of the first to recognise the tangible value of art in a variety of non-traditional formats. But what is digital art and how does it differ from conventional, 3D pieces? Art like this has been specifically created to be enjoyed via a screen, including digital representations of physical pieces. Like currency, each artwork is ‘minted’ lending it NFT (non-fungible token) status. NFTs, each entirely unique, are bought and sold via auction on the web, through reputable marketplaces. Buyers can purchase art using a credit card, or a trusted cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.


Right now, as our interest in new-wave creativity grows, digital artworks are having a huge impact in the market, with a piece by digital artist Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, recently selling at Christie’s for $69million – the third highest price ever paid for an artwork for any living artist. 



The ARX provides a unique service for those who wish to dip their toe into this new world with the added flexibility of a ‘bricks and mortar’ shopping experience. At its London showroom, a new, exciting multi-discipline hub, both physical and digital art is displayed, with an in-house curator on hand for private, appointment-only viewings. The ARX also offers a carefully curated selection of ‘phygital’ works – digital pieces with physical counterparts – for sale via auction. The showroom’s inaugural exhibition, ‘Minted’, features works from up-and-coming digital artists such as MRE, Nadiia Forkosh and Gala Mirissa. 


‘These days, art can be enjoyed in so many different ways – physical works on the wall are a key part of any beautifully-crafted interior, but art experienced on a screen too, sometimes static and sometimes with movement, offers a new, dynamic way of interpreting evolving talent. The ARX aims to bring the two worlds together’




Arranged over four floors, ARX’s innovative gallery space breaks the luxury retail mould: here phygital art is showcased alongside prestigious cabinetry brands whose ethos is rooted in tradition. Expertly crafted furniture from world-renowned British makers, such as Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson, co-exist easily with other best-in-class brands to offer an immersive whole-home experience. Everything within the space – from a showstopping Smallbone kitchen with Offcine Gullo appliances, through to the Senso flooring, Kaia lighting, Rivere Rugs and McQueens floral installations, are fully shoppable. There’s even a custom Overfinch Heritage Defender in situ. Think of an imaginative 3D moodboard that showcases the best of luxury living and the diversity of modern craftsmanship, and you’ve hit upon the essence of this new-gen space.



As befits a creative hub that showcases some of the brightest talent in art, furniture making, tech and innovative lighting, The ARX’s London flagship has been designed with detail in mind, from the fluted edges of its champagne bar to intricately textured wooden wall panels and leather hand rails. It’s a space where creative minds can meet, from art lovers and interiors experts to collectors and digital forward-thinkers. After all, art can take many forms and the fun is in exploring them all, under one roof. The gap between material and virtual worlds is about to be bridged – in the most innovative way you can imagine.



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