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Build Your Own Wall

Sports World Magazine are again showcasing the best in visual technology alongside Samsung. Earlier this year the tech giant launched two exciting new innovations; the Terrace, an outdoor TV fit for all seasons, and the newest version of The Wall. The Wall is now available from 88’’ all the way up to a staggering 292’’, and Samsung alongside SWM have partnered with Premier Relocation to take these new products to market.


We sat down for a chat with Damon Crowhurst, Display Director for Samsung Electronics in the UK.


So, why did Samsung expand the Wall product range?

‘’The early adopters of the Wall surprised us by wanting bigger, and were using the Wall as so much more than a TV. They were treating the Wall as a piece of art, that complements the aesthetics of their living space, and integrating it with their personal art collections.” However, not all homes can accommodate a 292” Wall, so we have an extended range of sizes to meet all requirements.”


Originally launched in 2019, The Wall is a modular LED display which can be tailored to any room and is built exclusively for each owner. A standard configuration consists of 4 x 4 panels. Each of those panels is as big as a 38 inch TV. The panels close together seamlessly forming a 146’’ 4k display.


‘’In the UK we are delighted to partner with Sports World Magazine and Premier Relocation to be able to offer this exclusive product to their readers and customers. The Wall is not a TV, but an unimaginable visual experience. When you look at most breakthrough screen technologies out there, you will hear the term “What you see here is the future.” But what you have here IS the future’’.  What Damon is referring to is the microLED technology, which equips The Wall with millions of microscopic lights: “LEDs become smaller and smaller and get closer and closer together. In the future, this is going to be the standard for consumer TVs, smartphone screens, the dashboard in your car, the watch on your wrist and transforms the term ‘Home Cinema’.’’



Unlike conventional home cinema, with The Wall there is no need to create darkened spaces for the best experience. Even in direct sunlight the images are always of the highest quality, crystal clear and larger than life. The Wall’s revolutionary upscaling algorithm with artificial intelligence transforms everything into hyper-realistic visuals. True detail comes to life through true colors. The Wall’s inherent colour qualities, thanks to Ultra Chroma Technology, produce vibrant and natural colors for an awe-inspiring visual experience, bringing details to life like never before. These are showcased beautifully against an exceptionally black base with specialized Black Seal technology, delivering deep black levels for intense contrast and immaculate detail. This hardly reflects sunlight and protects the surface from dust and damage. Damon expands ‘’ The Wall is ideal for films, gaming, concerts and art. Imagine a dazzling, wall-to-wall display as an eye-catcher in the living area. Even the whole house. A screen – or better: a canvas – for luxury entertainment, wellness, art and interior design. A screen that displays the Rembrandt’s Night Watch shows in all its glory, an arctic landscape, or the ultra HD version of Mad Max: Fury Road”. 


The real differentiation with the Wall is the live sport and gameplay. In the COVID era an immersive realistic experience of sport has become so important and the Wall delivers just that. ‘’We set out to create a product unlike anything else – matching the lifestyle and taste of those looking for the most exclusive and premium visual experiences in their homes and most now don’t want to leave it to return to the stadium’’ says Damon. Alongside the Wall it is clear Samsung are thinking both in and out of the home with the invention of the Terrace.


The Terrace is the brand’s first screen for outdoor viewing. The Terrace and the Terrace Soundbar have an IP55 rating protecting them from outdoor conditions such as rain, humidity, dust and insects. The Terrace soundbar features Adaptive Sound, which analyses what you’re watching to deliver the sound quality to match. It’s the perfect companion to round out the entertainment experience. The Terrace also features anti-reflection technology to eliminate glare and its average of 2,000 nits of screen brightness and QLED 4K picture quality performing perfectly in any setting. The Terrace will be coming first to Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Switzerland in 55, 65, and 75-inch models.


Both products have proved popular with Premier Relocation clients, Andrew Wells, owner and CEO says ‘’The Samsung partnership has been great to go alongside all our relocation services. We have expanded our portfolio to offer a fully bespoke service to all our clients, and now together with custom installer HiiLife we can offer a full suite of Samsung goods to complete any new home. The real appeal of the Wall is the fact it can be built to any size, for any room’’


‘’Premier Relocation and SWM have really opened doors for us. Key to this product are the partnerships we have created’’ says Damon. ‘’We work alongside specialised system integrators who can configure the Wall exactly to your wishes. Samsung relies on this select group to achieve the full scope of the product and deliver the very best service. This is how you create a ‘multi-purpose’ luxury entertainment space alongside sound, lighting and bespoke control systems. To ensure this installation is as flawless as the product we provide these integrators with specialist certification training.’’


The installation is a very specialised process and would typically involve a site survey of the intended location to ensure adequate power and ventilation is available. This is especially important if the Wall is to be recessed as well as ensuring the wall can support the weight load. Assuming the site survey is complete, the installation will take up to 7 days using the custom Samsung-designed wall mounting kit. ‘’Given the price point and bespoke nature of the sale all installations are signed off by the Samsung team. Often, we are replacing something, so we have to make sure it’s going to fit in that space. Do we need to rip out the marble to make it bigger? What speaker system has the client got already and will it be placed externally or built in the wall behind the screen? We then work with our integrators and build an indicative quote for the customer and they can then decide whether they want to proceed or not. So there is a bit more complexity to selling this than a normal Samsung TV. We see this product as the same as buying a super car©just for your living room.” says Damon.



With that in mind and at just 30mm thick The Wall has proved increasingly popular with interior designers and architects to provide artistic vision in their design. The Wall versus a projector or standard TV is designed to never be turned off and be a real feature throughout the times it is not in use. “The Wall has an expected service life of one hundred thousand hours, it is built for continuous use. Twenty-four hours a day, that is a lifespan of eleven and a half years. With that we solve a problem facing other big screens on the market. What do you see when you turn it off? A gaping black rectangle on the wall. Not with The Wall. It is always on. The biggest endorsement for the Wall is at a recent client installation alongside the Wall hung an original Van Gogh’’.


And don’t just take Damon’s word for it. Andrew Southern Chairman of property developer Southern Grove, an early adopter on the Wall agrees ‘“I have always been very impressed with the quality of Samsung technology. Not only is it always the most up-to-date, but it’s also designed to deliver the best possible user experience.”


Having just installed the first large-scale LED cinema into Future Generation – his student accommodation developments – Andrew was inspired to explore other ways digital technology could enhance living spaces. While on a trip to Samsung’s Seoul offices, Andrew was given a demonstration of The Wall. Needless to say, Andrew was impressed. He saw the potential for this big, bespoke display tool to open a new world of experiences for his family and himself.


‘’As I’ve said the Wall needs to be seen to be truly appreciated and Samsung now has showrooms available for private viewings in Frankfurt, London, Milan and Monaco’’ adds Damon.


To get the most out of the Wall, Andrew decided to tinker with the design of the entire room – to rebuild it around this new addition.  Fortunately, Andrew’s experience developing some of London’s most impressive residential schemes came in handy. He also had some help from the Samsung installation team, as well as his architect and builder. Their goal was to create a stunning environment where he and his family could enjoy the technology.


“It takes someone with a certain vision and a desire to push boundaries to really make the most of what The Wall has to offer. Andrew’s experience and his appreciation of the technology and design sense meant that he could quickly exploit its potential to add value and make it work for him in new and interesting ways’’ says Damon.


Once the installation was completed, Andrew and his team decided to celebrate The Wall by getting together to watch the live Europa League final between Chelsea and Arsenal.  The gathering included notable figures from the world of commerce and sport, but, according to Andrew, The Wall was the life of the party.


The Wall is available from 88’’ to 292’’ from Sports World Magazine and Premier Relocation and is custom made for each installation. To book your private consultation contact [email protected].

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