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CAROL AI BIKE – the smart workout for smart people

It is time to take a radical approach to keeping fit


When the stakes have never been higher, when it’s no longer just about the body beautiful but about keeping ourselves as healthy as possible so that we can fight off germs and viruses, it’s time to change the way we think about exercise so that we can get fit and stay fit as quickly as possible. 


CAROL is the scientifically proven game-changing exercise bike that uses Artificial Intelligence to give you a personalised, true HIIT workout in under nine minutes. This incredible piece of tech is disrupting the stationary bike market and is different from anything else available in the world. Independent studies show an incredible 12% improvement in fitness and many key health markers in less than 8 weeks of regular workouts on CAROL. This means you can reach your fitness and weight loss goals faster than with any other form of HIIT or traditional exercise regimes.


With only 2 x 20 seconds of very hard sprints that push your body to its limit (under 9 minutes each ride, including warm up, rest and warm down) working out on CAROL will change the way you workout – forever – and you won’t even sweat. CAROL gives impressive results in a short space of time helping lose weight, get fit, lower blood sugar levels, blood pressure, triglycerides, helping reduce the risk of heart attacks, increase HDL cholesterol and boost endorphins for that feel good factor. 


This is smart tech for smart people who want to optimise their lives and spend it doing things they love with people they love. It’s the perfect home workout and was invented by scientists who recognised that many people don’t have time to commit to regular lengthy exercise sessions. CAROL, which has been independently tested by the prestigious American Council on Exercise who found that a workout out on CAROL makes obsolete government guidelines of 5 x 30 minute exercise sessions and had a better impact on blood sugar than a 30 minute walk. 


How does it work?

As CAROL’s algorithms get to know you during the first few rides the bike builds a data picture using advanced technology that includes a screen monitor, heart rate monitor, ergometer (most accurate on the market) to take readings from you 3 times a second. It is like having an exercise physiologist and personal trainer rolled into a stationary bike using your data including your weight, body composition and other markers to work out a tailor made ride every time you get on the bike. 


CAROL’s AI then does the thinking for you, adjusting your settings in every ride to create customised programmes that will either push you harder than you would ever be able to push yourself or slow you down, until you reach your genetic “set point” for fitness. 


When you push your body to its maximum (the 2 x 20 second sprints), your body reacts like it’s being chased by a tiger, your legs quickly use up all their glycogen stores, depleting all the energy from your legs to get you moving as fast as possible. 


Because your body is in flight mode it urgently starts looking for glycogen from the rest of your body so that you can keep moving, quickly burning fat stores causing your blood sugar and your blood pressure to drop too. You get a full cardio workout in the fraction of the time of any other kind of exercise regime.


Forget long hours in the gym, jogging in the cold and rain and even forget about not having enough time to exercise. The cutting-edge science behind this innovative data driven AI bike makes CAROL a game changing piece of kit that could be the missing link that helps you easily get fit, lose weight and feel great.


Ulrich Dempfle of CAROL says: “getting the heart rate up in seconds, and only elevating it for a short time means there is no inflammation or pressure on the tissue, but it gives the heart enough workout. It’s the ultimate cardio workout, will rapidly deplete glycogen which triggers a host of molecular change which will increase your fitness. This is true HIIT using Artificial Intelligence to create personalised workouts that make other forms of “so called” HIIT and conventional exercise regimes redundant helping you reach your optimal fitness to stay physically and mentally stronger than ever.” 

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