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SWM caught up with Jordan Sloane from Overfinch, to talk about customisation, personal service and the art of building unique cars.

Overfinch have been modifying and enhancing Range Rovers for almost half a century. As a British luxury brand, they’re a firm favourite amongst sports stars and celebrities and a long-standing partner of SWM. On the morning we spoke, Jordan was on the road heading to meet a customer. Coronavirus has impacted on every one of us but, as Jordan explained, operating responsibly in this brave new world poses few challenges:


“Our approach has always been about personal service. Overfinch isn’t a volume business and dealing one-to-one is a major aspect of our appeal. So, introducing contactless delivery and remote handovers has been straightforward.” 


But with showrooms closed and industry-wide cutbacks, customer demand must have been impacted?

“For sure, we saw a dip in orders, particularly in the first few weeks of lockdown. But as normal life returns, our customers are keen to bounce back. We hold long-standing relationships with many of our clients, they’ve enjoyed their Overfinch experience and they trust us.”


“My job is all about relationships. When you’re dedicated to customer service and you have a great product, brand loyalty is a given.”


With a client list that includes some of the biggest names in global sport, it’s not surprising that Overfinch has remained largely unaffected by the pandemic. But the ‘red carpet’ service isn’t enough: it’s the cars themselves that have seen so many ballers coming back for more.


Always intrigued by the exotic, I’m keen to know what’s the most outrageous Range Rover that Overfinch has had commissioned?

“People often ask about cars that shock or scream for attention. We’ve created one-of-a-kind colour schemes and crazy interiors but, in truth, most of our customers want exclusivity, not a press magnet.”

“So limited-edition models like Velocity and Supersport are very popular for customers wanting performance and rarity. A lot of customers spend big on the interior, with signature finishes to create something truly unique.”


Any suggestion that these cars are novelty items is a misconception. Overfinch customers may be wealthy but the value is still important.


“Cars are expensive so investing in a brand that commands stronger residuals makes sense, especially when you’re thinking about resale value or – as most of our customers do – buying cars on finance”.


This comment always surprises us. Why do so many wealthy individuals buy cars on finance?

“For most of our customers its about certainty and cashflow. We offer higher guaranteed future values and the ability to hand a car back once your agreement comes to an end. This avoids any nasty surprises or settlement charges. Customers set aside their capital for larger investment projects and pay for cars as part of their routine monthly expenditure.”

This approach is particularly true for the current line-up of Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models. But for every ‘standard’ Overfinch conversion there’s a one-off, with a truly unique specification. These cars can still be funded but when you’re creating a personal masterpiece, expect a higher initial deposit.


“In the UK, our most popular car at the moment is the classic Defender, upgraded with a 6.2-litre petrol engine, automatic gearbox and a complete interior revamp. For customers wanting a more British approach to the G Wagon look, this is the car to go for.”


We love the look of these cars but the Defender has always left us cold when it comes to living with the sluggish engines and poor on-road handling of the standard model. In the hands of Overfinch, however, dreams really can become reality.


This reworking of a classic model leads us into the latest offering from Overfinch, the Heritage division.


“Modern cars have the performance, the reliability and the technology that customers expect… but not always the desirability.  We’re seeing a growing demand for classic Range Rovers, which we put through a ‘nut-and-bolt’ rebuild and a complete Overfinch upgrade. This isn’t a classic restoration, it’s a classic design remastered for the 21st century with a modern powertrain, interior and tech. Each project can take up to a year but and our first Heritage editions will be delivered in the next couple of months.”


And that’s what we love about Overfinch. Constantly re-inventing their offering and staying relevant. They may have been in the business since 1974 but they never rest on their laurels. With a booming operation now established in the USA and plans to open a showroom in Cheshire, Overfinch are ready to ride the new wave.  The latest Land Rover models and electric vehicles present a wealth of opportunities. Each one will be met with the same Overfinch commitment to style and performance that have become their hallmark for over four decades.

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