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Create the perfect entertainment space

At cream&black, we love creating sociable entertaining spaces because we believe having a home that encourages guests and gatherings can enrich your lifestyle. Transforming homes into inviting, social settings is one of main design objectives no matter the size of the space; we always implement clever design decisions that will encourage a welcoming and impressive environment. 


A home should be a place where we experience full enjoyment; it should include spaces that will bring entertainment not only to the homeowner but can also cater to their family and friends.


Bar/Family Lounge

A family room used as an entertainment space as well as a gathering place for the whole family to play games and relax together. When designing family rooms, we always ensure we create a seating arrangement that can accommodate our client’s whole family and the number of their ‘usual’ guests – however, it’s also important to bear in mind not squeeze too many items of furniture into the design making it feel cluttered so we often include seating that can easily be moved in or out of the room. 


To take a family room into the next level, consider adding a bar area which is perfect for relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day. This can be the perfect addition to a family room as this is the room everyone would gather and is ideal for hosting guests. One of the good things about a bar is, it doesn’t always require a large room – a small bar cart can be placed into a corner and it will still give the same purpose. Having this feature creates a sociable environment when you have guests over and it instantly creates an exciting and fun vibe. 



Indoor pools might not be a necessity but if you have one, or you are considering on having one, they are not only beneficial for keeping in shape throughout the year, but they are also in fact the perfect luxury setting for entertaining guests and hosting parties. 

There are many factors that come into designing a pool area – one of the most important aspects is ensuring that when you are selecting the correct materials and that they are both practical with the correct slip resistance for example and have the right aesthetic. We always include a seating area by the pool for relaxing, watching the children and socialising with your guests. Another essential element that you need to consider is the lighting – incorporating different types of lighting both architectural and feature allows you to have the flexibility of different moods for different activities. For example, having just the accent lighting for a more luxurious and calming scene. Planning the audio / visual scheme is key from an early stage to ensure the speakers are in the correct positions and that the cabling for TV’s is all integrated within the wall build up. 


When designing an indoor pool, you may want to consider the surrounding area. A wellness spa is a great addition to accompany your indoor pool to extend the relaxation space – these can include a sauna, steam room, walk-in showers with body jets, a massage therapy room, and changing rooms. A private wellness spa is not only a calming place to escape the rigours of our busy lives, but also to invite your guests for a luxurious and tranquil experience treat. 



​Outdoor living is an extension of the way we live indoors; we simply cannot ignore this space when designing. While many of us enjoy entertaining and hosting parties in our gardens especially during the warmer months, having beautiful outdoor area will definitely make the entertainment aspect much more enjoyable. Incorporating statement pieces in your outdoor area such as large sculptures or a water feature will truly elevate your garden and create a dramatic focal point. It gives the garden a ‘wow’ factor – plus, it is also a great conversation starter. 


When creating the perfect outdoor space, it’s highly important to design a layout that is suitable for any occasion with comfortable pieces to create a more inviting area. It’s important to buy furniture that is made for outdoor use all year round whether it is sofas, armchairs, or dining tables. We will also consider the weather in the UK by sometimes adding fire pits, outdoor heaters and removable covers so that you can maximise the usage of the garden throughout the year. 


When planning your outdoor area, it’s important to create ‘zones’ for different functions. Incorporating different types of seating is a great way to have versatility and flexibility in your design – for example, lounge sets for a comfortable social setting and dining sets for an ‘al fresco dining’ experience – after all, there’s no better way to entertain guests than with food!


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