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Creating luxury outdoor spaces

Creating luxury outdoor spaces, suitable for all seasons



Smarter. Straightforward. Sustainable. Our awnings are a combination of sustainability, innovation and comfort, and thanks to their specific design, each finished product shares its own unique benefits. 


– Invisible, wired arms: cables are concealed and the simple shape of the folding arms make for a minimalist finish. In addition, the folding arms can be fitted with dimmable LED lighting. 


– LED lighting: energy-efficient, dimmable direct LED lighting, fully integrated into the arms and/or box of the awning. Or choose indirect LED lighting integrated into the extension pole and arms. 


– Ideal for larger spaces: our new collection features the most luxurious models in the range. With drops of depths of four metres, they are ideal for a large terrace. Multiple awnings can also be attached to increase the width. 


– Replaceable fabric: we use a wide range of contemporary, high-tech acrylic fabrics that are easily replaced if necessary. The fabrics are sound-absorbent and come with water, dirt, and rot-resistant treatments. The fibres are spun-dyed to retain their sparkle for years to come and provide maximum UV protection. 



Luxurious pergolas with adjustable blades, for use all year round. 


Our suppliers are the market leaders with the most popular bioclimatic pergola product in Europe. As a partner, we can combine design, comfort, and sustainability, reducing the environmental impact and pollution that comes with energy consumption. Adjustable blade pergolas are advanced structures designed according to bioclimatic architecture, which promotes the well-being of the surrounding landscape. 


The adjustable and retractable blades exploit the elements such as sunlight, wind and air recirculation to create the ideal climatic conditions to benefit from the pergola at any point throughout the year. The structure can be adapted to suit any requirement, thanks to fully automated management, functional options and a high-quality design. 


– Bioclimatic pergolas with sunshade blades: each structure is made with resistant and renewable materials, including aluminium, steel, and glass. This allows the structure to last a long time and remain totally recyclable. In the evening, you can create the perfect atmosphere using perimeter LED lighting which is variable in intensity and colour, and Quadra light spotlights with warm white light, integrated into the blades. 


– Pergolas with adjustable slats: bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable aluminium slats are advantageous as the inclination of the cover can be adjusted from zero – 140 degrees. This technology is designed to modulate direct and indirect lighting according to the orientation of the sun and the intensity of the desired light. The degree of the opening of the blades also offers a differentiated air recirculation which allows the pergola to get a pleasant breeze and fresh air. 


 – Water resistance: even in rainstorms and bad weather, you can benefit from the unique comfort of adjustable blade pergolas. These are perfectly optimized thanks to the closure of the blades that favours, at the same time, the outflow from rainwater inside the system of eaves integrated into the horizontal profiles and uprights. Totally invisible, the water discharge and outflow system can be inserted into the telescopic leg profiles. 


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