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Digital Smile Design is Changing Lives


Everyone knows Dental Excellence is the go-to smile makeover clinic for sports stars and VIPs, but not everyone knows they also carry out complex, functional dentistry to help restore people’s smiles. Dr Harrison Child, Associate and elite cosmetic dentist at Dental Excellence talks to us about a recent case that was life changing for his patient.

“This was a highly complex case that involved a lot of preparation and planning to produce a truly bespoke cosmetic result. The patient presented with missing teeth, multiple gaps, tooth wear, bite issues, staining and discolouration. The was a lot that needed to be considered.

My patient really wasn’t happy with her smile and had been conscious about her teeth for years. Unfortunately, previous visits to other dentists, hadn’t been able to offer a way to address her concerns so, she came to Dental Excellence where we were finally able to provide a cosmetic solution.

The key factor that made this case possible was being able to utilise digital design. Being able to visualise and plan a complex treatment like this is incredibly difficult with traditional techniques but having an elite digital lab team on site, means we can design and execute with relative ease.

Our patient’s journey began with a trial smile. This is where we take the digital design of her new teeth, and try it directly in the mouth using a temporary material. This allows the patient to see an exact replica of their new smile before committing to actual treatment. Another benefit is that if there are any areas the patient dislikes about the design, it gives us the opportunity to adjust and get things perfect for the final treatment.

That is exactly what we did in this case; we changed the design twice before agreeing on the final appearance which gave my patient the reassurance that she was getting exactly what she wanted.

After confirming the design, we then make a final decision on material. For this case we decided on a combination of composite veneers and porcelain bridges to restore the missing teeth.

The final treatment was executed using an injection mould technique. This is where the composite veneers are injected into place one by one through a lab made stent. This ensures a highly predictable result that matches the agreed digital design that is completely unique to our patient. The result for the patient was life changing. To be able to restore confidence and give someone the gift of their smile is an incredible experience.”

To find out how Dental Excellence can help you or one of your family members then please get in touch.

Digitally planned smile design is a unique treatment planning tool that strengthens a dental providers diagnostic vision, enhances predictability, and improves communication between the clinician and patient. A smile design is created following a thorough analysis of the patient’s dental and facial proportions.

Achieving that perfect smile requires the designer to evaluate, analyse, and balance both the facial composition and dental composition.

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