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In today’s competitive business landscape, prioritizing well-being is not just a choice but a necessity for success. Experience the revolutionary CTN Recovery Studio, a cutting-edge concept that takes recovery and rejuvenation to new heights. With a comprehensive suite of advanced devices and patented innovations, CTN empowers businesses to enhance their offerings and captivate discerning clientele.

The CTN Recovery Studio comprises five key equipment offerings designed to optimize recovery and well-being:


Immerse your clients in the transformative power of whole-body cryotherapy, harnessing the benefits of cold therapy for enhanced recovery and rejuvenation.


Deliver targeted relief with precision using our localized cryotherapy device, enabling quick and efficient treatments for specific areas of the body.


Elevate performance and accelerate recovery with our Muscle Stimulation System (MMS) device, stimulating and developing muscles for optimal results.


Embrace the healing potential of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, enabling clients to breathe pure oxygen in a pressurized environment, promoting overall well-being.


Harness the power of red and NIR light therapy in our state-of-the-art pod, facilitating healing, reducing inflammation, and optimizing recovery.

Integrating CTN’s patented innovations with cutting-edge technology, the CTN Recovery Studio offers a holistic approach to improving overall well- being and embracing a healthy lifestyle. By investing in a CTN Recovery Studio, businesses can expand their service portfolios and establish a distinctive brand identity. With our cutting-edge recovery modalities like cryotherapy, muscle stimulation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and red light therapy, you can elevate client satisfaction and attract a broader customer base. Unlock the potential of recovery and well-being with customizable solutions that empower your business to deliver unparalleled experiences to your clients.

CTN devices are not only highly effective but also safe and user-friendly. With intuitive touch screens, preset programs, and seamless plug-and-play functionality, they require no technical expertise to operate. Integrating seamlessly into any environment, CTN devices can be effortlessly incorporated into your business setup, powered by standard electricity.

Embrace the transformational power of the CTN Recovery Studio. Empower your business to provide unparalleled experiences, cultivate a distinctive brand identity, and unlock new horizons for growth. Step into a world where well-being meets innovation and redefine the future of recovery.

Discover the CTN Recovery Studio today and embark on a journey of transformation, elevated well-being, and success.

As part of an ongoing partnership with industry-leading recovery specialists CTN Group, Sports World Media are proud to present the Recovery Studio to businesses and athlete centres within our network and beyond.

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