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Embracing Nature’s Flavours


Over recent years there has been a notable rise in popularity to own an outdoor kitchen and this trend isn’t set to wane anytime soon. In tandem with their popularity the specifications of these kitchens have undergone a remarkable transformation, mirroring the evolution of their indoor counterparts, outdoor kitchens and hosting spaces are reaching new heights of design standards. This shift has led to the emergence of outdoor spaces that embody a resort-esque ambiance, and design that is redefining the standard for al-fresco cooking.

Attributing the steep rise in demand is the notion that cooking in the garden instils a delightful spirit in oneself, it is, in essence, fun, novelty and speaks to summer days. Not only does the open-air setting offer fresh air and positive energy, but there’s a profound sense of attentiveness when preparing food amidst nature, particularly when utilising freshly harvested produce and herbs. “The trend of sustainable homegrown eats is driving the change” according to Head of Design for Clive Christian, Oliver Deadman. Responsible for designing the brand’s first outdoor offering, Deadman believes that our desire to be outside more, coupled with technological advances in the space is what’s keeping momentum. “Clients want to keep up with the latest outdoor technology, it’s become the extra room to the house and as a brand we perpetually pride ourselves on delivering the heightened level of design required”.

With the advancement and refinement of outdoor living these spaces are now essential hubs for entertainment, expanding in size and catering to multiple generations. Clive Christian Furniture, British bespoke furniture specialists coined for their cabinetry expertise, noticed that their clients are now more interested in creating a party-friendly ambiance with hotel standard open air bars and hosting capabilities for every nature of event, from pizza parties cooked on ‘at home’ large scale pizza ovens to sushi evenings and even degustation tastings. Aligned with the brand’s wider values, Clive Christian Furniture sees the outdoor kitchen as a space to create memories. Designed with elements you can’t get in an indoor context but with the same high quality finishes, style and all important comfort.

Entirely bespoke, the brand’s Garden Kitchen can accommodate a variety of configurations and accommodate appliances installed depending on client preferences. The maker-designer prioritises the use of quality materials whilst also considering the importance of environmental sustainability for both the brand and their customers. The cabinetry for the kitchen is constructed from Iroko, a sustainably sourced wood known for its natural resistance to insects and decay, enforcing the longevity of the products used. UV-blocking lacquer, which almost binds with the timber, has been added to the surfaces providing a protective coating that moves with the wood, reducing the risk of cracking or flaking often associated with outdoor timber furniture.

Oliver Deadman, Head of Design for Clive Christian Furniture noted: “Being a renowned name for the design of traditional indoor kitchen interiors, the team at Clive Christian relished the opportunity to expand what we knew and work with new challenges. It has been an enjoyable journey over the last few years and it has been great getting to collaborate with new brands and learning new skills as we delve into new areas. With the ever expanding realm of requests we receive from clients we are constantly being pushed to test the boundaries and are excited for the new capabilities we can reach, whilst still keeping our authenticity and high quality.”

Whether it’s the accurate control of the grill, the flawless amalgamation of kitchen instruments, or the ergonomic design of the worktop surfaces, Clive Christian Furniture’s garden cooking spaces offer an unparalleled level of sophistication, elevating the outdoor experience to new heights of opulence and refinement. The sleek and durable Marine grade stainless steel construction ensures longevity and durability, while advanced features and precision engineering deliver exceptional performance and culinary excellence.

Phil Cole, Managing Director of Clive Christian Furniture commented: “At Clive Christian Furniture we pride ourselves on designing and creating bespoke cabinetry, not only, for our clients taste’s but also their functional needs. We then pair our designs closely with the highest quality appliance brands in the market, to make certain they receive the best technology. If our customer wants an industrial size, durable, top of the range, BBQ we will work with Sub Zero & Wolf to get this installed for them. We value the importance of harmoniously integrating the beauty and functionality of our designs to create an everlasting kitchen.”

“Year round usage is an increasing request, there is a trend amongst clients wanting to be able to use their outdoor spaces even in the winter, as they strive for a greater connection to nature and the outdoors” says Deadman. Clive Christian Furniture has increasingly been working with partners to install automated pergolas and shades, as well as enhanced speaker systems, which provide a seamless integration of music and audio entertainment in a year-round setting. This combination allows for a complete entertainment experience, where guests can enjoy their favourite music or immerse themselves in a movie or sports event while relishing the ambiance of the natural surroundings.

The Garden Kitchen, like all Clive Christian Furniture rooms, is designed around the client’s specific requirements, and the scale and proportion of the appliances.



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