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Experts in scent design

Originally founded in Courchevel, France, by world class chef, Cèdric Lalouelle, O by Olfacto combines french romanticism and British elegance to create emotive sensory experiences through luxury scents.


Aromatic blends for ambience and atmosphere

The O by Olfacto team has developed the latest in expertly designed cold diffusion technology which works alongside their beautifully handcrafted fragrances to envelop a space and tell a story through scent.


Their aromatic blends are created from natural extracts and luxury essential oils to promote wellbeing and a holistic experience every time that you walk into the perfumed space.


The power of scent in sensory design

Their background in luxury hospitality and commercial interior design, coupled with their expertise in fragrance, means that they are best placed to use their skills for ambient scent marketing.


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