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Forever Young: Planning for the future

It’s easy to get caught up in the here and now but have you thought about what happens next?  Do you have a plan in place that will allow you to maintain your desired lifestyle for years to come? 


10 or 15 years seems like a long time and planning that far in advance could be something you’ve put off – until now.


We’re here to offer a friendly reminder and a gentle nudge to get you thinking ahead. Whether you want to set a plan in motion that will come to fruition in 5 years, 10 years or one that will provide income for generations to come, property investment is a valid option.


Property investment experts Thirlmere Deacon highlight why you should be planning for the future now.


Make your money work harder for you 

Certain things are bought with the intention of them gaining value over time, other items are bought because we want to enjoy them regardless of the value further down the line. 


Watches often increase in capital value over time but they don’t earn money each time you wear them. Cars tend to depreciate the more you drive them, a yacht or private jet might hold relative value and stocks and shares fluctuate, though often with steep peaks and troughs that can seem a little too risky. 


A tangible asset that will appreciate steadily in value over time and earn you money whilst you own it… buy to let property.


Setting yourself up for retirement 

The sooner you begin the process of planning for retirement the greater the amount of wealth you’re likely to create.


For example, if you’d invested in a property in Manchester 10 years ago it would have cost you around £100,000 to buy at the time. Today that property would be worth over £160,000 as average prices in Manchester have grown by 50.34% over the past decade. 


Furthermore, on an ongoing basis, this property will have generated regular, monthly rental income. 


Why property? 

The beauty of buy to let property investment is that it offers both immediate rental income and over time, capital appreciation. Having proven itself to be one of the most resilient markets historically, property proved once more in 2020 that despite a pandemic, it is a safe haven for investors. 


“Whilst the stock market crashed during the pandemic in 2020, the property market grew.” 


Travel, leisure, retail, energy and banks were all hit hard by the pandemic. The FTSE 100 index of the top shares listed in London fell by 14.3% during 2020, comparatively average property prices in the UK grew by 7.5%.


It doesn’t need to be property vs stocks and shares, though it’s valid to compare the two. You can have a portfolio of investments that happily includes both. Property should feature amongst your assets, and if possible a diverse collection of properties in varying locations, purchased at optimum market points. 


Why now? 

Information shared in the media can be contradictory and sometimes misleading – another white noise that’s easier to switch off altogether, especially when it’s difficult to know what or who to trust. 


Interest rates across the world are currently at the lowest they’ve been for many years meaning money sat in a bank is often doing little else than gathering dust. Buy to let property can offer security for the future and generate considerable additional income.


Clarity in decision making 

Property investment is often talked about and everyone will have an opinion about what to buy and where. We’re able to offer clarity, allowing you to make well informed decisions as part of a broader plan for the future.


Thirlmere Deacon rigorously vets each development they present to investors and will only propose an opportunity if it is one they would (or have) invested in themselves. This process provides clients with the assurance that a professional team have carried out thorough due diligence on both the property and the location. 


Who are Thirlmere Deacon? 

Thirlmere Deacon is a team of seasoned property investment consultants who have a passion for creating wealth and using property as the tool to do it. 


From first time investors beginning their journey to building and growing a portfolio – whatever an investors position, Thirlmere Deacon can offer guidance and assurance, and source the very best opportunities. 


Having navigated the property market for many years, advising on well over £300m worth of property transactions, achieving an average of 12% returns per annum, Thirlmere Deacon shares authentic advice from their experience to increase their net worth and ensure financial security for later in life.


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