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GN Tobacco: A year in review

Reflecting on another hugely successful year, Chief Operating Officer Max McKinnon believes the company is ending 2022 on a high with its latest product Siberia All White.

It’s been one of the most successful years on record for SWM’s valued partners GN Tobacco, as they bring the year to a close by launching the latest all-white product, Siberia All White.

As part of their iconic Siberia brand, the latest product is the first of its kind and has already received worldwide acclaim from their loyal customers.

In the year’s final issue, we’re looking back on another prosperous 12 months to discuss the highlights, developments and plans for 2023, which McKinnon admits are hugely exciting.

It’s been another busy year for GN Tobacco. How do you look back on 2022?

2022 has been an excellent year for us at GN Tobacco; we have continued growing and releasing new products. The support and feedback from our loyal consumers has been tremendous and a testament to our hard work here.

What significant changes has the business undergone?

We mad considerable efforts and expanded our factory significantly, allowing us to do much more. The demands we have called for improvements, and we ensured we answered. In addition to the factory expansion, we have added several new team members to the GN Tobacco family in crucial business areas.

What have been the noticeable trends in the market?

Certainly, it’s hard to look past the increasing popularity of all All White products; as the product has gained more exposure and matured, the response has been greater than I think most expected.

What has been the biggest highlight for you and why?

For sure, the highlight has been the release of Siberia All White. The brand Siberia is iconic, and to provide that as an all-white portion now is hugely exciting.

Tell us more about Siberia All White?

Siberia All White is our latest All White product; it has a real nicotine kick and icy sensations, just like the original. We know how loved our original Siberia is, so we set ourselves the goal to recreate the famous portion as an All White (tobacco-free) portion.

What has the response been like, and what are your plans for this products in 2023?

The response has been fantastic; it has been flying off the shelves since we announced it. In 2023, we plan to add more portion formats to the mix to ensure everyone can find something to enjoy.

Looking forward to 2023, it’s clear GN Tobacco has big plans. New products are set to hit the market, and the continued expansion of their existing portfolio of brands is a key focus for McKinnon and his team. Most importantly, SWM looks forward to growing an exciting partnership and working together in the new year.

Disclaimer: SWM does not condone the use of nicotine-based products.

The purpose of this advertorial is to promote nicotine based alternatives to traditional snus. Tobacco can be harmful which is why SWM does no condone the use of tobacco based products under any circumstance.


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