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GN Tobacco Sweden AB – Expanding to the US market

GN Tobacco, the leading Swedish manufacturer, has set its sights on expanding into the United States market. With a reputation for producing high-quality products and industry leading brands which have been in existence for over a century, GN Tobacco believes the US market provides a significant opportunity to increase its global presence.

In an exclusive interview with COO Max McKinnon, we discussed the company’s motivations for entering the US market and the steps that it has taken to launch its products. McKinnon highlighted that the US has historically had a strong interest in similar products, making it a natural market for GN Tobacco to explore.

Furthermore, McKinnon divulged that the company has received positive feedback from consumers since announcing its intentions to expand into the US. GN Tobacco’s first exhibition at the Total Product Expo in 2023 was also a success, with the company receiving a special award from the Las Vegas International Press Association.

As GN Tobacco continues to forge its path and build on its initial success in the US market, American consumers will have the opportunity to experience the high-quality products that have made the company a favourite across Europe and beyond. The recent expansion into the US market is a significant step in GN Tobacco’s goal to be present in every country in the world, and the company is poised for continued growth and success in this new market.

What was the motivation behind the decision to enter the US market and what were some of the key factors that influenced this decision?

In the pursuit of our goal to be present in every country in the world, the US stands as an obvious market for us to conquer. Historically, they are users of tobacco alternatives and have a large population using all-white products, so naturally there two groups would find enormous satisfaction from using our products.

How has the company’s performance been so far in the US market and how does that compare to expectations?

Our first impressions of our reception in the US have been incredibly positive. For a ling time, our brand’s popularity has exceeded its physical presence, there has been some very excited feedback from consumers upon their understanding that we had set our aim on the US. In addition, we can proudly say that we have been given a special award from the Las Vegas International Press Association as a congratulation for the first exhibition in Las Vegas.

What have you been doing in the US to launch GN Tobacco and its products?

There is a considerable amount of work to be done to enter the US market, we are comfortable with this and the steps we are taking haven’t caused much change. If we look at it from a more commercial perspective, we attended our first exhibition in the US this year at Total Product Expo (TPE) 2023.

How did the company prepare for its first exhibition in the US?

We prepared as we would for any other exhibition, we have been regularly attending the biggest Tobacco exhibitions in Europe for quite some time, and we are always very excited when these opportunities present themselves to us, meeting customers and fans is always a great time. The difference in the way business is conducted in Europe versus the US was a point that wasn’t lost on us in the build-up to the event, although the scenery has changed, we still felt in our element.

How does the company plan to build on its initial success in the US market and what are some of the key priorities for the next phase?

I can’t reveal too much. What I will say though is that we will continue to do as we always have, by forging our path. The way forward for us is by continuing to move from strength to strength as we have done from the outset.



SWM does not condone the use of nicotine-based products.

The purpose of this article is to promote nicotine-based alternatives to traditional snus. Tobacco can be harmful which is why SWM does not condone the use of tobacco-based products under and circumstances.

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