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Whiskey & Wealth Club were the first to offer private clients the opportunity to purchase cask whiskey. They made the market accessible to aficionados and alternative investors alike, bringing together passion for luxury spirits and business acumen in a form never seen before.

Whiskey has never been hotter. The Irish whiskey industry has grown by 140% from 2010 to 2020, making it the fastest-growing spirits category in the world. In 2021, Scotch whisky exports were worth £3.8 billion. The value of rare single malt bottles sold at auction has increased by 478% over the last decade, and a luxury cask recently reached a record $572,000 at auction.

What does that mean for you? We’ve put together our guide to the key points of cask whiskey ownership:


Age, scarcity, and brand are the main factors when it comes to cask value – and brand is one of the biggest factors.

Most whiskey casks aren’t made for any particular brand. These unbranded casks carry none of a distillery’s history, and they bear none of the hallmarks of a master distiller’s craft. These casks are simply casks.

Premium casks stand in a class of their own. World-renowned distilleries craft these casks intending to use them for their own products someday.

The barrels themselves speak to the craft of the master coopers; the spirits within to the heritage and quality that have built the brand’s reputation over centuries.

These are the casks that have the potential for incredible appreciation. These are the casks offered exclusively by Whiskey & Wealth Club.


When you purchase your premium casks through Whiskey & Wealth Club, your purchase is secure. 

Each cask is registered with HMRC through WOWGR in the UK and the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland.
When you purchase, ensure that any wholesaler offering casks holds this essential registration – and has met the rigorous requirements to secure it.

Under WOWGR, Whiskey & Wealth Club has permission to own goods underduty suspense and to act as a duty
representative. Additionally, they can work with clients both in the UK and internationally. 

And they’re committed to raising standards for compliance across the industry.


Each cask is assigned a unique number. 

When you come on board with Whiskey & Wealth Club, you will receive your certificate of ownership, which will contain the unique numbers of the casks you own as well as information about the bonded warehouses where they’re stored. 

These numbers ensure there is a record of your ownership with the wholesaler, distiller, and bondedwarehouse.


Storage in a bonded warehouse for 5 – 10 years, depending on the cask you choose, is included in the price of every cask sold by Whiskey & Wealth Club. Insurance is also included.

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