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Prior to co-founding Rose & Dean, Tom gained valuable experience working in the corporate estate agency industry, honing his skills in investment strategy and financial analysis. His journey in the property industry began in 2017, during his time as a professional footballer. Tom saw that many of his teammates were investing in property, and he became intrigued by the opportunities the market offered. After experiencing the harsh realities of forced retirement from professional sport and the lack of support available for athletes beyond their playing careers, Tom decided to help players navigate the complex world of property investment. Tom is passionate about educating and guiding players to make informed investment decisions that will provide long-term financial security. He firmly believes that the skills and discipline that athletes develop on the field can be translated to successful investment strategies in the property market. With a deep understanding of the property industry and a commitment to empowering others, Tom is making a meaningful impact in the lives of current and ex-professional footballers.


Joe has an extensive background in property, having started his journey alongside family members in the industry. After stepping away from fulltime football, Joe began appraising potential acquisitions for the family portfolio, sparking his interest in the wider property market. In his role as Head of Business Development, Joe is responsible for discovering, appraising, and packaging investment opportunities for clients across a range of sectors. His expertise in property investment has resulted in the instruction of over £100,000,000 worth of property and land that has met diverse clients’ requirements. Joe is highly skilled at building strong client relationships and is dedicated to providing ongoing education and support to clients throughout their property journey. His exceptional communication skills and keen attention to detail have earned him a reputation for excellence. Joe’s passion for property and his commitment to his clients make him an invaluable asset to the firm.


With several years of experience in the industry, Raza has worked his way up from property management and residential lettings to his current role, which is focused solely on property and land investment strategies, including property asset management. Raza’s diverse background has given him a unique perspective on the industry, allowing him to spearhead the team towards exceptional client relations and reduced pressure on clients when managing assets. He firmly believes that the key to long-term success lies in forming strong relationships with clients and associated businesses, and he is committed to delivering exceptional service at every stage of the investment process. Raza is a visionary leader who is passionate about the growth and success of the business. He combines his extensive knowledge of the property market with his exceptional interpersonal skills to drive the company forward, while also ensuring that every client receives the personalised attention they deserve. With Raza at the helm, Rose & Dean is poised for continued growth and success.


Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the property market, Rose & Dean is the investment brokerage dedicated to finding the right opportunities for you. Our goal is to match your requirements with investments that are priced correctly and located in areas that maximise your earning potential. As the sole contracted seller of every property and parcel of land we have available, we provide you with a direct line of communication with the vendor to ensure a smooth and hasslefree process.

With the UK property market valued at £9.2 trillion in 2021 – four times the total GDP of the UK – we are committed to helping our clients carve out their share of this massive market to create generational wealth. At Rose & Dean, we break down every opportunity in detail, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We present you with a brochure that includes a comprehensive overview of the area and local amenities, any build or renovation costs, and a list of local contractors we recommend. We also provide you with estimations on capital appreciation, gross domestic value, end values, comparable properties in the area, including rents and sold prices, and exit strategies.

Our job is to simplify the investment process for you, conducting due diligence to provide you with the information you need and ensuring faster completion times. We cater to all levels of investors, with property prices ranging from £50,000 single buy-to-let properties, to large scale portfolios in excess of £10,000,000. To date, Rose & Dean have collectively instructed over £100,000,000 worth of property and land, we aim to double this over the coming year.

Our stock list consists of residential blocks of apartments, property portfolios, commercial properties, land with or without planning permission, single buy-to-let properties, Houses of Multiple Occupancy and development opportunities.


To better serve new clients seeking investment opportunities, it is crucial for us to gain a comprehensive understanding of their investment preferences and decision-making criteria. Depending on the individual investor’s requirements, there may be a variety of investment options to explore. Our responsibility is to help identify the most suitable investment strategy that aligns with their unique needs and objectives. Requirements for athletes at the start of their career may differ to athletes on the verge of retirement. However, at both stages the principles remain the same, as diversifying income while in such a cut-throat industry as a professional sportsperson is imperative, particularly due to how short-lived an athlete’s career can be. Our aim is to mirror an athlete’s income from their career in sport by investing in property in the most effective way possible to prepare for the day in which they move onto the next chapter after professional sport.

In our experience we have found many of our professional athlete clients prefer ‘turn-key’ investments which offer a completely hands-off approach, allowing them to generate consistent cash flow on a monthly basis. This type of investment frees up their time and attention, enabling them to focus on their careers while their investments work for them in the background. We work with numerous developers across the country who are solely contracted to us to provide our clients with a revolving door of consistent properties each month. These opportunities typically consist of blocks of apartments and HMOs in vast quantities which are refurbished to the buyer’s specification. Upon acquisition, the properties are fully tenanted and managed, providing an effortless ‘armchair experience’ for the investor. This model is ideal for those seeking high-yielding, hands-off investments that are income producing from day one of acquisition.

However, other athletes who may have more time on their hands may prefer value add opportunities. These opportunities benefit investors seeking maximum return and would consider refurbishing distressed properties in need of uplift. Purchasing at 20-30% below market value allows for wider profit margins after refurbishment costs and creates an increase in equity. Refurbishments on these properties will increase the property’s value and rental potential. Exit strategies vary between investors. Many may choose to sell on the open market to first time buyers and home movers after the refurbishment has been completed to maximise profit over a short period of time, while others prefer to add to their portfolio and refinance against the uplifted value. This is preferable for investors looking to build large-scale portfolios as they will use the equity in the uplifted property to use as a deposit for their next acquisition. Renting to professional tenants generates consistent monthly cash flow, ideal for investors building large-scale portfolios for generational wealth.


We pride ourselves on maintaining our repeated ethos of developing and presenting investment strategies which are exclusive to our clients based on their requirements. However, providing our clients with investment opportunities is one aspect of what we do. Our rapid and continuous growth is built on the care we take in building rapport with our clients whether they are purchasers or sellers. As a high-profile client, you need a firm who can alleviate the stress that comes with laying the foundations for the future. We understand the necessity for acquiring true off-market opportunities and the difficulty in discovering them. With our nationwide coverage and access to exclusive stock that is inaccessible by the public, we are at the heart of the UK property market. We encourage all new enquiries to meet with the team and discuss in detail how we can help make your affluence work in you favour. Whether you have just started your career or you are close to retirement, the foundation for maintaining and building wealth is essential. With the abundance of investment opportunities at our disposal and the continuous demand for housing in the UK, Rose & Dean can provide you with the means to elevate your wealth.

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