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It’s a hit!

HIT – a dose of pure inspiration

HIT is an all-white, tobacco-free product with extremely high nicotine content, inspired by the fierce black panther, and produced by GN Tobacco Sweden.

HIT hits the mark for everyone who’s grown tired of the abundance of increasingly sweet or uninspired All-white products. HIT flavours come in both slim and mini pouches, ensuring you can enjoy your white product in a discreet fashion – without compromising on taste or strength.

HIT comes in five different flavours all packing 20mg/g of Nicotine: Blackberry, Blueberry, Apelsin, Dr. Cherry and Lemongrass. The flavour profiles were developed drawing on the inspiration for what stimulated and excited us.

HIT lemongrass slim all white portion

A unique flavour is know for its intensity and energy. The vibrancy of flavour that lemongrass has naturally is represented perfectly. Extremely strong nicotine content with a refreshing lemon-herbal taste that you will not forget. The fresh taste of lemongrass will energise you for the whole day!

hit blueberry slim all white portion

A delicate and refreshing flavour of blueberry is delivered in a smooth symphony. Prepare yourself for a delectable, smooth blueberry tastes and extremely string nicotine kick!

hit dr. cherry slim all white portion

HIT Dr. Cherry with the classic taste of the Dr. Pepper soda. It should be obvious! The beloved cherry soda flavour without the excess sugar! If you like the drink, give this pouch a try.

Hit apelsin slim all white portion

HIT Apelsin with a refreshing and natural orange flavouring. Ripe orange pulp with a twist of orange zest, this flavour captures the flavour of a REAL fruit. Enjoy a citric twist, delightfully juicy flavour that’ll leave your taste buds asking for more!

HIT Blackberry slim all white portion

Imagine how the first blackberries of the harvest taste, these have captured the essence of that feeling. If you are in love with fresh blackberry, experience it in an all-white nicotine pouch form.

18+ contains nicotine – Nicotine is an addictive substance.

GN Tobacco Sweden AB

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