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Revered across the globe, Keita Baldé Diao’s career has been one of the most followed of the current generation and one of continual success. Fans are excited to watch the winger progress due to his hard working ethic, natural talent and gracious sportsmanship.

Having honed his skills in the FC Barcelona’s youth academy, Baldé has since cut an integral figure in the lineups of Lazio, Monaco, Inter Milan, Sampdoria, Cagliari and Spartak Moscow.

On an international level, the winger holds an exceptional status by having played for two countries – the Catalonia national team and the Senegal national team. Born in Spain to Senegalese parents, Baldé chose to play for his parent’s country. Debuting for Senegal in 2016 and enjoying a victorious 2-0 win over Niger. Prior to this, he was also called up for the December 2015 friendly match between Catalonia and Basque Country.

The Senegal winger isn’t known only for his incredible talent displayed on the most famous pitches across the globe, he’s also made a name for himself in the fashion industry. Celebrated for his chic fashion knowledge, Baldé is often snapped at the most prominent fashion shows and proudly demonstrates that his love of the catwalk is a large part of his life.

The professional football player chose to update his collection with a complete new set from the British jewellery brand, MJ Jones.

‘MJ Jones is really top, really amazing.’

Established in 2012, MJ Jones is a contemporary brand who are redefining the future of fine jewellery by balancing traditional quality and craftsmanship with contemporary designs and innovative technology.

Known for their boldly futuristic designs, often saturated in the finest diamonds and gemstones, MJ Jones are a major player in the fine and fashion jewellery industry and have made a solid name for themselves with bespoke creations for a number of the world’s top sports stars and celebrities.

‘I place my full confidence in MJ Jones’s professionality. For the serious quality of their work.’

And it’s clear to see why Baldé trusted MJ Jones with his latest collection. Every piece is a showstopper. His delight is clearly visible when opening his custom PeliCase and the full set is revealed in the transparent MJ Jones travel cases.

For bracelets, he has chosen the Crystal Pavé Ball Bracelet In Yellow Gold from MJ Jones’s Fashion Jewellery range. As well as the DNA Diamond Bracelet In 18ct Rose Gold, featuring 358 diamonds at 6.5 carats, from the brand’s Fine Jewellery range. Setting him up for unlimited casual and dramatic looks.

The intense blaze from these is emphasised by the set of diamond- soaked rings the winger dons on each hand. A select choice picked from across the full range of MJ Jones collections.

While the main event of Baldé’s new personal set is the Spiked Cuban Chain in Yellow Gold. One of MJ Jones’s core pieces from their DNA Collection, the geometrical outlines of this chain rethink the classical forms of the Cuban chain in a contemporary upgrade.

A lover of fine quality, Keita understands the level of supreme craftsmanship required for the creation of such a piece. With 3880 of the finest round brilliant diamonds having been set into the solid gold casing by hand. Blown away by its impressiveness, he chose to wear the chain instantly.

‘It’s a unique piece, I’ve never seen that [before]. Amazing’.

In Addition to his core MJ Jones set, Keita also ordered two entirely bespoke pendants. Sat on his home rooftop in Monaco, Baldé talks to Matthew J Jones, the founder and CEO of MJ Jones, about his love for fine jewellery and the value it brings to his life.

Discussing the bespoke family pendant the British brand designed and crafted for him, Baldé states how this piece allows him to carry his family with him when he must work away from home. Holding the ‘S’ pendant to the camera to show the sapphire heart on the reverse, set into the solid gold, against a backdrop of engraved monogram detailing, he explains:

‘This “S” is for me. [Now, Simone is] always with me. If I go to work, to another city, my family is always with me, in this heart. This is really special for me and really important.’

The incredible 3-piece pendant can be worn as one or shared between himself, his wife and their son. With each piece crafted around the family member’s initial and his son’s initial sealing the two halves of the heart, representative of their family becoming whole.

‘This service, this quality, this piece, it’s not easy and is really, really amazing’…

It was not lost on MJ Jones founder, Matthew J Jones, that Baldé had entrusted the creation and crafting of not only his new collection but also two immensely personal and sentimental pieces to the brand. Speaking of the set as a whole, Jones said:

‘This is what MJ Jones is about. Whether it’s hard wearing everyday fashion pieces, personal collections or family heirlooms, our supreme quality is the bar for the future of fine jewellery.’

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