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Join Dima Ovtcharov on his BUBEN&ZORWEG Bespoke Journey


To be the best at whatever one decides to do takes effort, strong commitment, and the capacity to make choices—the right ones.


Dimitrij Ovtcharov, or DIMA, as he is known the world over, is unequivocally the very best at what he does, and that includes having been ranked the world’s best table tennis player.


Since he hit his first table tennis strokes on his home kitchen table at just six years of age, he managed to stay highly motivated throughout his entire career. Being himself the son of a former national Soviet table tennis champion, DIMA acquired the rare capacity to set a relentless and continuous improvement path over the years. 


Like a journey to perfection, today, this remains his most crucial trigger, and one that allowed him to win the European Youth Championships, get promoted to the first federal league and become the German national team leader. Along the way, his many international successes include no less than four Olympic medals and reached its zenith in 2018 when DIMA achieved the Number One position of the table tennis world ranking.


Therefore, it is not hard to imagine that, over a career spanning 25 years, DIMA has gathered many precious possessions, like his priceless Olympic Medal collection, a number of exquisite wristwatches, and, of course, his most prized working instrument – the table tennis bat!


Thus, DIMA’s ability to make the right choices was again called upon to decide on an adequate high-security safe. One, able to safely keep his most cherished belongings, and that set him on a path where he discovered BUBEN&ZORWEG, its philosophy and history. 


He connected with Florian vom Bruch, CEO of BUBEN&ZORWEG. After a conversation of getting to know each other, Florian invited him to visit the BUBEN&ZORWEG manufactory, located near Stuttgart to personally discover the world of the most extraordinary, luxurious and suspense-creating safes. Dima was immediately impressed by the holistically artistic craftsmanship philosophy and the mastery each of the master craftsmen put into every single step and component, with devotion and passion, to craft unique masterpieces. It reminded him of his countless hours of training and dedication over the past 25 years to become a true master of his sport.


The universe of BUBEN&ZORWEG allowed DIMA to embark on a bespoke journey. Having already set his discerning eye on an ORION safe, he recognized the model would be able to fulfil his ambition for a sophisticated object, elegant yet classic, and capable of integrating a timeless modern living environment. But even though the standard Buben & Zorweg choices were already elaborate, DIMA decided to follow a particular path and embark on a bespoke journey. The beauty of the ORION has many aspects: Colours can be individually selected for leather and seams, and numerous functions and options can be customized for the safe interior. The ORION offers the optimal preconditions to make it a personal masterpiece.


In close cooperation with the BUBEN&ZORWEG Bespoke team, Dima contributed his ideas about designing a tailor-made drawer to perfectly store and celebrate his Olympic medal collection. An intense iterative process started, to design and craft the bespoke drawer. Even the smallest details like the presentation angle of the medals, lightning, and storage of the medal loop were mastered with passion. Furthermore, Dima designed his own Orion by carefully selecting from multiple exterior leather colour options and seams as well as the interior fitting such as watch winder, drawer fronts and inserts. DIMA reached the end of this passionate journey to perfection by creating his truly UNIQUE MASTERPIECE: a bespoke ORION XL in Nappa Blue, with blue seams, eight watch winders and Ebony Grigio drawer, including two tailor-made for his Olympic medal collection.


The entire Bespoke experience demonstrated that the same shared values apply to all fields of great mastery. In the case of DIMA and BUBEN&ZORWEG, their shared passion for Dedication, Perfection, and Courage established on both sides a deep mutual friendship filled with respect and admiration. 


Two FLAGSHIP MASTERS MADE IN GERMANY within their respective field have found each other. This remarkable joint journey is a powerful reminder that true high performance and exceptional results are always triggered by common values, beliefs, shared goals, and spirit. To be the best at what you do has become the common attribute of both athlete and Manufacture alike.


We wish him all the best for the upcoming tournaments, especially for the year’s highlight in August – the Olympic Games in Tokyo.


For further information on our Bespoke options or our Orion collection please contact us or visit.

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