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Lynx bowling for your home

Bring your dreams to life with your very own ten-pin bowling lane in your home! Lynx Bowling have made this impractical and expensive idea an affordable reality with minimal maintenance costs.


Every year more and more people decide to have their own private bowling lanes installed in their home, and choosing the right company is an important factor to consider in the decision making process. Lynx Bowling is known worldwide for quality and reliability, and the reputation of its products and services is second to none. By offering a full line comprehensive equipment range, you can have the very best and bring home the fun of bowling.


What is Duckpin Bowling?


Whilst the duckpins are set in the same pattern as ten-pin, the pins are two-thirds of the size and weight of a ten pin. The bowling balls are 5in/13cm in diameter and weigh 3-4lbs/1.4-1.8kg and can be held in the hand unlike ten pin balls that require finger holes and thumb holes. Bowling lanes are the same width, but they are only 30-35ft/9-10m in length and have no approach area, making the distance shorter to roll the ball which is more inclusive and enjoyable for all of the family.


Bring the best bowling experience right into your home with Lynx Bowling.

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