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Mason Mount in collaboration with Vacheron Constantin

In Autumn 2022, SWM spent the day with Mason Mount in his hometown of Portsmouth.

He is proud of his heritage and upbringing and it was important to encapsulate what it meant to be quintessentially British, but with a modern twist. The looks had to be suave, effortless and a true reflection of Mason’s character, hence the inclusion of clean, understated tailoring and heritage brands such as Burberry. It was important, therefore, that the accessories complimented the overall look. The perfect watch or item of jewellery can tie an outfit together, by adding versatility and the finer details that compliment simple outfits.

Vacheron Constantin, a long-standing partner of SWM and one of the world’s most famous watchmakers, proved to be the final piece of the jigsaw. With its roots firmly embedded in London and the United Kingdom, the brand is synonymous with designs that are rich in history and steeped in elegance. It’s a brand that has been gathering pace within the football industry of late and for Mason, it proved to be a dream collaboration that in his eyes brought the whole project together.


“A lot of the focus was on the styling and looks throughout the shoot,” he says. “Obviously we wanted to have the car but we wanted the clothes I was wearing to be quite smart. We incorporated some other, more casual looks as well, but the watch needed to bring the whole look together and we decided it had to be Vacheron Constantin.

“On the day, they supplied some beautiful watches and to wear them and be able to see them up close and personal was special. It’s one of the oldest watchmakers in the world and the quality of the watches is second to none; they’re so smart and it suited the whole look perfectly. We wanted to move away from the flashy look and do something completely different, so working with the right brands was where a lot of the focus was placed.”

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