David Alaba

Exclusive interview with David Alaba

To mark the start of a partnership with world-famous fashion house Gucci, SWM made the trip to Madrid to spend the day with footballing superstar David Alaba. We caught up with Real Madrid’s latest Galáctico in the midst of Madrid Fashion Week to celebrate Gucci’s centennial year and latest collection, Gucci100. In arguably the most sensational summer transfer window of all time, David made headlines when he left Bayern Munich for Real Madrid after over 13 years in Germany. He’s won a record 10 Bundesliga titles, the Champions League twice, and six German Cups since his professional debut in 2009, and he isn’t stopping there. The Austrian is determined to make his mark in the Spanish capital, and if his performance in the first Clásico of the season is anything to go by, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. In a world-exclusive interview, we discussed his love of fashion, the biggest influences in his life, and a dream move to Madrid.

Exclusive Interview

I had been thinking for a very long time about what my next career step would be. Leaving the club was very hard for me and it took time, but the important thing is to remember the wonderful time I had.