Gini Wijnaldum

"My defining moments are enjoying the success I have with my friends and family”.

Exclusive interview with Gini Wijnaldum

"To be fair, I’m still learning about it, I’m not really that active. I see some people use their social media more, I use it sometimes to show people my life. I’ve tried to use it and help with the issue of racism because with social media you can reach a lot of people and followers. Footballers, athletes, movie stars all have big followings, and social media helps to reach out, so it is important to use the platform to help and learn"

Exclusive Interview

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Photographer - Joep / Location - Dubai

“The favourite thing I like about SWM is the fashion, the lifestyle and the vacations. When I want to see new places, I go to the magazine and Instagram page to see where I can go and how. l also like to see the various products and services the partners have to offer. I really like to see the watches I can buy. It’s great to see the things SWM can offer a player. I watch the Instagram daily and read the magazine and how it can help me.”

Georginio Wijnaldum