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Parks motor group

Park’s Motor Group is a private family-owned business with a portfolio of luxury car franchises based in Scotland and the North of England. With custom-built showrooms in Glasgow and Leeds, they bring some of the world’s most exclusive brands, including Bentley, McLaren and Lamborghini to customers across the U.K.


Despite being located in the north, the Bentley, McLaren and Lamborghini franchises cater and deliver to clients in all corners of the United Kingdom. Going the extra mile to help customers find their perfect car, transporting with ease and delivery direct to your doorstep.


Go behind the scenes at the Lamborghini, McLaren or Bentley Factories. Join a member of their team and visit the factories where you can see your car on the production line or spec something special.


New and existing customers can benefit from the exceptional workshop facilities where servicing and maintenance are carried out by experienced technicians, trained by the brands they represent.


Offering the highest levels of service and expertise in all aspects of car purchase and maintenance, discover more about the brands and the dealerships supplying them.


If you would like to learn more about any of these iconic brands and the models they have on offer, arrange a meeting or to make an enquiry, please visit one of the following links.





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