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Premium Car Turntables

 Spin-It Ltd is a UK Engineering company, that is dedicated to the manufacturing and supply of quality turntables 


 Made in Britain, Spinning all over the world


 Benefits of the Premium Car Turntable range 


•  Premium Range Specifically Engineered for Premium Projects 

•  Stronger turntable designed specifically for heavier vehicles 

•  Remote control with integration in to home control system 

•  Installation, maintenance and warranty by original manufacturer 

•  Annual piece of mind health checks 

•  Options for various sizes and finishes 

•  8 years comprehensive manufactures warranty 


The UK’s leading manufacturers of Driveway Car Turntables 


Display and rotate your car to maximize the available space and to create a stunning feature for your home. Perfect also for driveways, garages and basements. 

Get in touch for a personal consultation about our Premium Range. 

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