Savills, Sport and Entertainment

Published: 4th August 2020

Savills Sports & Entertainment have worked with Sports World Magazine for some time and it is by far the best decision that we have ever made. Both Liam and Andrew are great guys and an absolute pleasure to deal with. They engage incredibly well with their clients and we have been thrilled with the results so far; they are always working and doing their best for their clients and partners. Because of SWM Savills have made significant sales and been introduced to sports stars that we have not previously reached. I would highly recommend working with Sports World Magazine and can only say very positive things about them. The Sports & Entertainment world is an ‘interesting place’ and we have come across every kind of introducer and connector that you can think of, but finally we can say that we have partnered with the best! Sports World Magazine are the best in the business and we are proud to working with them.