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Samsung Wall exclusive with John Terry

The first incarnation of the Samsung Wall launched in 2019 and SWM has been representing the brand ever since. At the same time, John Terry began his latest property venture. After hanging up his boots and moving into coaching, it was time for John and his family to look for a forever home and he has done just that, only a stone’s throw away from Chelsea’s training ground. 


The house itself dates back to 1752 and plans were drawn up for a full refurbishment including a new swimming pool, tennis courts, wine and trophy room, gym, and state-of-the-art private cinema, as well as a major upgrade to the rest of the house. 


Having worked with Andy Wells at Premier Relocation and seen the Samsung Wall previously, John was keen to incorporate the 146” version into his new home and finally, after major delays brought about by the covid pandemic, the Wall was finally installed in June 2021 by Samsung’s AV partner HiiLIFE. 


John welcomed back Tom Brittain, managing director of HiiLIFE and Murtaza Bukhari, general manager of Samsung to discuss his experience and how the Wall has enhanced his family home. 


TB: John, we’re sitting in the cinema room of your new home which you did during a pandemic. How has that been for you? 


JT: I must admit, it was tough during the pandemic. But to finally be here in the cinema room with the Wall installed is incredible. It looks unbelievable and has actually allowed me to bring the kids in. Normally they want to stay in their rooms, but with this (the Wall) the kids are quite keen to come down here with their friends and want to be around Mum and Dad a little more so it’s worked really well as a family. 


TB: We started our relationship back in January 2020 after the introduction from Andy at Premier Relocation. Can you tell us a bit about the installation process and working with Samsung and HiiLIFE directly? 

JT: The installation process was the easy bit and quite exciting for me. To see the level of detail the guys went into was amazing. I think it took a week to go in but the thing is it’s not just the TV that goes up, there is so much more that goes into it. I was in and around the process and seeing that and what it has become was quite eye-opening. 


I’ve been very happy with the service and the installation, but also the aftercare has been massive. Tom has been in contact checking everything is ok and you don’t always get that so from a family perspective, it’s been really good. 


TB: That’s great to hear. This is the best media experience you can have at home – Murtaza, could you expand on how Samsung has been deploying this technology? 


MB: The Wall is one of our most exclusive products and one of the best viewing experiences in the world. At 146” it provides an extremely immersive experience. Designed for high-end luxury estates, it has MicroLED technology and gives you that full experience through colour, so it will look absolutely stunning in your space. The great thing about the Wall is its modular design so it can be made to fit any size. HiiLIFE has just installed a 300” screen in Knightsbridge so you can see Samsung is fitting these in many versatile environments and we are so honoured to have this in your home. 


JT: As you said you get immersed in it, so from a work perspective it’s great as I watch a lot of games and study games as well. So to be in here shut away with the Wall is incredible and a great way of working for me moving forward. So a lot of coaching and managerial stuff will be going on in here, for sure.


A big thank you to Samsung. They had a relationship with Chelsea for many years and I used to be a big part of that process as well, so it’s been great to build that relationship again. 

My only problem now is my kids don’t want to go out to the cinema they just want to stay in here! 

– John Terry. 


The Samsung Wall installed in John’s Home is the 146’’ version of the range. In glorious 4k the Wall is a super-sized bespoke display built to the customers own specification. It blends perfectly with décor acting as an extension of your own personal style. 


HiiLIFE, in partnership with Samsung, provide bespoke luxury living solutions across home cinema, audio visual, appliance and air conditioning. To elevate your home, contact SWM to design your bespoke Wall project with exclusive pricing

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