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 Seeing is believing

What defines Luxury? Traditionally, quality, elegance and exclusivity are what spring to mind; things that show our wealth and status and set us apart from the rest. Until now, that is. Digital technology has brought a seismic shift in our lifestyles and aspirations, and with it our concept of luxury has evolved. Just owning a status symbol simply doesn’t cut it anymore – we have to be unique, way ahead of the curve. In technology, that means one thing: truly cutting edge. 


On that count, Samsung’s The Wall ticks all the boxes. The Wall is an aspirational lifestyle piece that has been described as “pure awesomeness”, which just about sums it up in a nutshell. Its super-sized display (up to a whopping 292”) not only provides the ultimate visual experience but becomes the defining space in any environment: enhancing our leisure time at home; giving us a competitive edge in business presentations and conferences; raising the bar to lofty heights in luxury retail and hospitality environments through spectacular visual backdrops; enriching the opulence of super-yachts – the possibilities are endless. 


Truly luxurious homes demand the ultimate display solutions. The Wall takes it even further. It’s a hyper-real digital surface for TV, art and interactive experiences which completely transforms the way we use space in our homes. Its vibrant colour quality, contrast and Black Seal technology produce absolute picture clarity even in full daylight, making any room feel like a home cinema or theatre. AI upscaling and Quantum HDR technology automatically calibrate screen resolution to ensure optimal quality regardless of the original source resolution, which means that you can enjoy classic movies with the same picture quality as the latest blockbuster. With up to an astonishing 120-Hz video rate you can enjoy watching fast-moving sports like never before. Add to that the sheer scale of The Wall, and watching a movie, box-set or sporting event becomes a whole new experience – so real that you and your guests feel you are actually there. 


With its high-dynamic range contrast, The Wall stands at the pinnacle of performance when it comes to gaming, giving an experience so real you become totally immersed in the environment and can hardly tell the difference between what’s real and what’s the game. When Cranfield Simulation paired it with their latest Formula Simulator at the 2020 Salon Privé held at Blenheim Palace, motor enthusiasts were treated to the ultimate experience of driving a Formula One car as close to the real thing as it can possibly get. Combining the most immersive racing simulator with The Wall is the ultimate experience for motorsport enthusiasts and is currently being showcased at Escapade Silverstone and used for training by motorsport drivers. Samsung has also made this extraordinary combination of technology available to lease on a weekly and monthly basis. 


When not in use, The Wall becomes whatever you want it to be, transforming the feeling of your home and reinventing your space to fit your mood. It can morph into an invigorating mountain landscape as a backdrop to your morning exercise; a calming backdrop of colour while you chill out in the early evening, or an art collection curated just for you, to enjoy with your guests over drinks or dinner. 


The Wall suits all spatial and aesthetic needs, and because its size, shape and ratio can be fully customised, it provides a cohesive solution for interior designers when it comes to super yachts. Totally bespoke and built exclusively for each owner, The Wall provides a discreet, multi-purpose luxury entertainment space build which, at just 30mm thick, sits flush in any setting. When not in use, it defaults to ambient mode, mimicking the colour and texture of its surroundings. The Wall is also optimised to a marine setting with features that counteract vibrations, so that even when in motion, the smoothest possible viewing is guaranteed. 


In business, The Wall adapts perfectly to changing styles and dynamics, delivering a bold statement that gives an awe-inspiring edge. Its unparalleled visuals and design blend seamlessly into your workplace, subtly communicating the message you wish to convey and elevating your image. It offers a highly versatile display canvas to maximise the effectiveness of meetings and presentations – given that 90% of the information we are wired to absorb and retain is visual – and easy device and content management through IoT technology allows all interactive products to be connected with zero downtime, getting the most out of teams and maximising efficiency, whether meeting in person or remotely. 


Seeing really is believing when it comes to The Wall 

and fortunately, Samsung is showcasing The Wall’s awe-inspiring capabilities at various key locations across the country. British brand Smallbone’s new flagship, Brompton Gate, in London (due to launch in Spring 2021), features The Wall as a technological masterpiece; measuring a spectacular 6-metres-wide, it is amongst the first 8K retail installation of its size utilising modular LED anywhere in the world. Just a stone’s throw away is Harrods, where Samsung boasts a multi-experience store showcasing its latest luxe technology and suffice to say, The Wall is indeed centre stage. Alternatively, check into luxury hotel property, The Berkeley, in Knightsbridge to view The Wall in a luxury residential setting. A selection of the renowned hotel’s signature suites house The Wall, allowing guests to sit back and enjoy the ultimate immersive experience regardless of source format. 


Samsung is a technology-driven brand that has made a name for itself for creating nothing but the best. The Wall is true visual innovation and the epitome of everything that Samsung stands for – technology of the highest possible quality combined with outstanding innovation. With The Wall, we really can enjoy the future today and why not experience this for yourself? 


Would you like to experience The Wall in your own home with an F1 simulator?


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