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Investments to Savour

Once known only to a select group of industry insiders, cask whiskey investment was a well- kept secret known only to the privileged few within the industry. Whiskey & Wealth Club offer you the key to this rarefied world and the opportunity to tap into this booming market.

While investing in rare bottles has long been a way for whiskey aficionados to participate in the market, investing in cask whiskey was traditionally far less accessible. Whiskey & Wealth Club offer that access. Having spent years building close relationships with premium distilleries, Whiskey & Wealth Club are able to negotiate wholesale rates for high-quality casks – and offer them directly to clients.

Why invest in cask whiskey?

After generations of financial market volatility, investors have begun exploring new opportunities to diversify through alternative investments. While some have looked at non-traditional avenues like cryptocurrency, others have returned to traditional, asset-backed investments like property. Cask whiskey presents an opportunity between these two realms: it is non-traditional in that it’s an emerging market, yet it’s traditional in that it’s backed by a physical asset. And with sales of whiskey predicted nearly to double to US $108 billion by 2031, the market is booming.

Irish whiskey dominated the global market just a century ago, but as production waned following Prohibition and a number of other factors, Scotch whisky became the dram of choice for discerning whisky drinkers. But Irish whiskey has experienced a resurgence in the past three decades. Its market share is predicted to increase by 300% within the next decade, and with production still limited to a small number of distilleries, demand will outstrip supply for many years to come.

Introducing Whiskey & Wealth Club

Whiskey & Wealth Club began with three co-founders. Seasoned entrepreneurs, they drew on their decades of experience in whiskey, investment and business to offer a new type of investment, and in just three years, they had built a team of more than 40 professionals who shared their expertise and passion. A dedication to transparency pervades every aspect of Whiskey & Wealth Club, from that initial choice to offer the opportunity to invest in cask whiskey to the open-door policy at their Richmond office. Clients are invited to stop by for taoscáns of whiskey and to take part in monthly distillery tours, all of which give them the opportunities to get to know the team, the distillers, and their fellow investors.

Central to Whiskey & Wealth Club are the relationships they’ve built with their distillery partners. Producing whiskey is a very capital and labour intensive business for any distillery, so distilleries often sell a percentage of their ‘new make’ spirit production to cover their overheads and production costs. Working with distillery partners enables Whiskey & Wealth Club to negotiate exclusive, heavily-reduced wholesale prices for those casks, which they then pass on to their clients.

The value of a cask of whiskey is determined primarily by age, brand, quality and rarity.

Whiskey & Wealth Club work exclusively with established brands such as Bladnoch, Dublin Liberties and Tullibardine to offer clients an increased potential for returns.

Safe, secure & compliant

Security and transparency are paramount to Whiskey & Wealth Club. When you purchase your casks through them, the casks are held in a fully government-bonded warehouse, where storage and insurance are included in your upfront cost. Whiskey & Wealth Club are one of the first whiskey investment firms to secure a WOWGR and EX64-licence and are committed to raising standards for compliance across the industry. All casks are registered with HMRC and the Irish Revenue, with records kept by both the distillery and Whiskey & Wealth Club, and they’ve worked with leading UK specialists to devise tax compliance protocols that go above and beyond to offer peace of mind and security.

A wealth of exit strategies

Whether you choose to bottle your casks under a private marque, sell them back to the distillery who produced them, or a number of other options, your Wealth Director at Whiskey & Wealth club will work with you to pinpoint your goals and aspirations and find the best exit strategy to help you achieve these and make the most of your returns when the time comes.

An asset-backed investment in a market currently experiencing significant growth, cask whiskey has become an increasingly attractive option amongst leading alternative investments. If you’re considering investing in cask whiskey, it’s important to keep in mind that as with any investment, it is important you do your due diligence to decide whether it’s the right investment for you.  

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