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Take your white inspiration

Revolutionising the entire market of all-white nicotine pouches and giving a new chord to the innovations, the ‘White Foxes’ entered the field and began to conquer the market. White Fox tobacco-free nicotine  pouches are manufactured by GN Tobacco Sweden, which are known for creating famous snus brands such as Oden’s, Siberia, and more.


White Fox nicotine pouches only contain tobacco-derived and non-synthetic grade nicotine and essential natural oils. This product neither makes teeth yellow nor leaves an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth. All you need to do, is choose the flavour you love and get your inner Fox going.


GN Tobacco creates White Fox using a special high moisture absorption fleece and a micro-perforation material for the portion paper, which has huge hydrolytic properties, and this natural filter helps to transfer the taste and nicotine quickly. In addition to revolutionary innovations, the product also has a striking and attractive design that doesn’t leave indifferent aesthetic evaluators. The White Fox looks at the consumer with its attractive eyes straight out of the box and promises an incredible journey. The colours of the luxury design are just a reflection of White Fox’s intense and fresh flavour experience.


GN Tobacco Sweden’s White Fox nicotine pouches have a rich bouquet of flavours; fresh spearmint, mint-menthol, peppered mint, strong and very special mint/spearmint and bergamot, which is the most common Swedish flavour, with essential rose oil that is considered the most expensive oil in the world. Thus these all-white nicotine pouches deliver a deep and intense taste that is rounded off by smooth tones.


This unique Fox will be your most loyal friend. You can get your nicotine relief anywhere you like and any time you need, either in the car, on the plane, even on the bus, wherever you are going there are no restrictions on the place of use. White Fox will never let you down and put you in an awkward situation, as the design of the box has a small waste compartment section, so you will not need to look for a bin or, even worse, hold it in your hand every time after using it.


While you enjoy White Fox, GN Tobacco is preparing a new surprise that will cause a big boom in the market. The new product, HIT, is on its way with a brand new design, more nicotine, and a rich bunch of flavours. Get ready to explore a new level of nicotine relief with berry, citrus, and other crazy flavours!


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