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Take your wrist game to the next level

 Senturion Watch, the only timepiece in the world that starts your supercar



The luxury watch market has no shortage of an array of unique pieces featuring complex movements from a myriad of brands like Richard Mille, Jacob & Co, AudemarsPiguet, Roger Dubuis, Rolex, Patek Philippe and others. There is, however, just one watch company in the world that creates timepieces that are capable of synchronising with supercars. Senturion Key, an ultra-luxury British brand, boasts a line-up of SW Senturion Watch series featuringtimepieces made from titanium, carbon fibre, rose gold and even 4.9-billion-year-old meteorite. Each Senturion Watch contains a Swiss automatic movement, is part of a limited edition of 10 or 30 pieces and is a result of 70 hours of production and inspection of an all-British assemblyline featuring master jewellers and world-class engineering experts. 


Each Senturion timepiece is designed to be able to synchronise with a high-performance car, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche and Mercedes AMG. 


All supercar key operations are conducted via a signature red button integrated into the SW strap, which gives each watch of this series a unique and unmistakable appearance. Thedefault SW strap colour is black; however, Senturion Key permit any supercar collector to choose an alternative from a set of house colours, or even match the exact pantone of the dominant colour of their supercar. This is the sort of luxury accessory that one can easily imagine on the wrist of James Bond, but while ordering a Senturion Key won’t give you a license to kill, it does make a statement ofbelonging to an exclusive club within the worldwide community of supercar owners, who wear their supercar on their wrist. 


SWM has gotten a glimpse behind the scenes of Senturion Key manufacturingand can attest that every Senturion piece is born from fusion of exceptional craftsmanship of master jewellers and designers with cutting-edge technology from world-leading engineering experts. From placement of every miniature custom S-blade screw to setting of flawless stones or integration of some of the most complex micro-circuitry components into Senturionpieces, every step of the process is carried out meticulously and to the highest standard. For example, aftereach hand-cast frame has been moulded, it’s finished to the precision of one ten-thousandth of a micron by five-axis computer numerical control. Every clasp is made of solid titaniumand undergoes PVD-coating in an ultra-high vacuum chamber using the technique applied to Formula 1 pistons, to create high tolerance micro parts. 


Perhaps one of the most fascinating elements of the Senturion Key story has been their integration of Gibeon meteorite into its timepieces. The SW-M1 and SW-M2 timepieces from special collectors’ series feature asteroid cores and bezels with an extra-terrestrial pattern called the Widmanstätten etch, which is only achievable by billions of years of cooling at zero kelvin in space and cannot be replicated by man. The particular meteorite piece used by Senturion has travelled the universe for an estimated 4.9 billion years, which makes it older than the Earth itself. The SW-M1 features the most complex meteorite core structure producedin the world to date and Senturion engineers involved in the meteorite machining process involvingunderwater spark erosion and chemical etching are world experts in working with such a rare and spectacular material. Because of the scarcity of available meteorite, the SW-M series are produced and sold sequentially, limited to only 10 pieces and akin to limited edition art pieces, their price goes up with every additional timepiece sold. At the time of the magazine going to print, the more complicated SW-M1, featuring a solid meteorite core, has just one final timepiece, number 10 available for sale at £175,750, the SW-M2 that features only a meteorite bezel, has number 3 available at £69,250. 


SWM have also had the chance to visit the Senturion Key showroom located in Berkeley Square, London and can only describe it as a unique experience. Breezing past immaculately dressed security personnel opening the door, you’re confronted by a bright gold Lamborghini Aventador bursting through the wall with its headlights turned on and sending bricks flying into the air. Pushing the signature Senturion red button to be granted access, you almost breathe a sigh of relief as the sliding door moves out of your way. Inside, each signature timepiece is almost floating in black-and-gold extra-terrestrial lookingdisplay cabinets and if you’re lucky enough to be invited to the hidden meteorite room, you also get to touch an ancient rock that is older than Earth itself and inspect the metallic gleam of the Widmanstätten etch plated in Rhodium, which generates a little bit of trepidation of just how out of this world some of these timepieces are.

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