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The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Redefining tradition to craft award-winning rare whiskey

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is on a mission to reinvent Irish whiskey, elevating its potential as the most luxury collectable and restoring Ireland’s reputation for crafting the finest whiskeys in the world. 

From the company behind the most expensive whiskey in the world and the first Fabergé Celtic Egg, comes The Brollach, an extraordinary expression of the craft of Irish whiskey. 

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

An obsession with perfection travels through each and every element of a whiskey from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Not content to follow the status quo, they have reinvented the craft of maturation to produce whiskeys of exception. Whiskeys unlike any other, crafted with intent and care to elevate Irish whiskey as a luxurious collectable, investment and heirloom. 

Traditionalists, disruptors and craftsmen

While they respect tradition, they are not bound by convention. Where others add water after maturation to bring the ABV down to the desired level, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. adds it before. In allowing the water and spirit more time to absorb the deep tones of the wood, the flavours become richer in complexity and depth. 

They are not bound by age statements as others are. The casks are tasted frequently, ensuring the whiskey is bottled at the pinnacle of perfection. Their award-winning inaugural release, The Devil’s Keep, was released at 29.9 years – its flavours had peaked and to wait a few more weeks would have lessened the extraordinary complexity of its profile. 

An unparalleled experience 

A whiskey from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is never simply just a bottle. Whiskeys of such unparalleled flavour expression demand an experience of equal standing and The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has elevated the experience above all that has gone before. Skilfully designed components enhance the flavour of the whiskey, from the soda-lime glass of the bottles to the semi-precious obsidian whiskey stones and expertly designed pipettes. 

A meeting of minds with Fabergé and Michelin Guide

Partnerships with Fabergé and Michelin Guide have brought the world the first Celtic Egg, complete with an uncut emerald hidden inside; an historic first for Fabergé. Whiskeys from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. grace the bars of Michelin-star restaurants, offering diners a luxurious whiskey experience beyond compare. Together with Fabergé and Michelin they are crafting a lasting legacy; loyal to heritage, while embracing innovation. 

Award-winning & record-breaking 

Their obsessive perfectionism is already winning accolades and praise. The first release, The Devil’s Keep, sold out in record time and broke records soon after when it sold at auction for $60,000, becoming the most expensive inaugural whiskey. The second release, The Emerald Isle, became the world’s most expensive whiskey when it sold for $2,000,000, taking the crown from the famed 1926 Macallan Fine & Rare. 

Within months of its release, The Devil’s Keep had garnered praise from whiskey aficionados and judges alike, winning a coveted Gold from the prestigious A’Design Awards, a Gold from the IWSC competition and Gold in the Luxury Masters of The Spirits Business Awards. The Brollach is already following in its award-winning footsteps, scooping awards in every competition entered, with Master Medals at The Irish Whiskey Masters and The Luxury Masters of The Spirits Business Awards 2021. 

With the Knight Frank Wealth Report finding rare whiskey to be the best performing asset investment of the past decade, these awards and accolades make a whiskey from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. an investment to savour. 

The Brollach 

The Brollach is built on this tradition of crafting award-winning, record-breaking whiskeys. Born from a desire to honour family, Ireland and Irish whiskey, it is an exquisitely crafted, double-distilled whiskey with a limited release of just 661 bottles. Matured in White Oak American Bourbon casks for almost two decades and finished in rare French Oak Madeira, The Brollach’s inheritance is exceptional complexity and charismatic flavour. 

Youthful notes of apricot and banana frolic with the aged notes of butterscotch on the nose. Dark cherry and chocolate bring a lingering sweetness that melts into a long finish of caramelised banana and golden syrup. The complex layering of flavours is intense, vibrant, with a velvet-like mouthfeel and rich depth.

Its luxurious flavour profile is matched only by the exquisite nature of its surrounds. The first glimpse of The Brollach’s heavy-grained oak box gives a hint of the craftsmanship and heritage to be found within. The 45˚ angle of the deep grain leads the eye towards the stainless steel clasps. Inside, a dark suede creates an intense, masculine backdrop. The Finn glasses have been scientifically designed to enhance the whiskey’s flavour. The obsidian whiskey stones cool without dilution. The pipette delivers an optimum droplet of water to release the intense flavours. 

The Brollach, like The Emerald Isle and The Devil’s Keep, is no ordinary whiskey. In redefining the craft and questioning convention, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has elevated Irish whiskey beyond all that has come before, or will again; redefining its potential as a luxury collectable, heirloom, and investment.

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