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The importance of family protection

For many high-net-worth individuals, the security and safety of their family is paramount. For professional athletes in particular, the need to protect their loved ones, their homes and assets is becoming more important. One of the best ways to ensure family protection is by investing in a protection dog; trained and bred to become loyal guardians, protection dogs can provide an invaluable service to families who value their security and peace of mind. Phoenix Trained Dogs offer the best-trained protection dogs, expertly sourced to suit your home and protection needs.

Having a protection dog is an increasingly popular security measure, offering a unique level of security and protection that is comforting and reliable. Not only do dogs make loyal and gentle members of the family, but they can also be trained to perfectly fit in with your family’s lifestyle.When you invest in a dog, you can be assured it will recieve the best training before being integrated into your home. Phoenix Trained Dogs specialise in training dogs specifically for the purpose of providing protection. They train the dogs in traditional guard duties such as patrolling and responding to commands, and teach them how to be a loyal and loving companion for the family.

It is important your chosen dog is trained to fit with your family’s lifestyle and add value to the entire family’s lives. Phoenix Trained Dogs will guide you through the sourcing process, ensuring the breed you select is ideally suited to you and your needs. Whether you’re looking for a puppy or an older more experienced protection dog, Phoenix will be there to help integrate the new dog into the family, training them to suit your lifestyle, whether this is socialising them with the children, or teaching them to respond to specific commands.

Families are often looking for a family pet that is loyal and gentle, but also offers protection when necessary. The key to this type of protection dog is the training that they recieve. While some may think that protection dogs have to be large and aggressive, that isn’t necessarily the case. Our dogs can be trained as a family pet first, and only use their protection training when called upon.

For some families, bringing a typical ‘protection breed’ into their home can be daunting. Therefore Phoenix Trained Dogs offer a unique option where the family can be involved from concept through to completion, guided by the team to select and train a puppy, allowing you not only to train the puppy to suit your family lifestyle, but to allow a bond to build as the dog grows. With puppy training, you can teach your pet all of the commands that are needed for the desired level of protection. This includes commands such as ‘stay’ and ‘come’, as well as any behaviour corrections necessary to make sure that your pet knows its limits and boundaries. Additionally, the puppy should be socialised to help them learn how to act around people and other animals. We take the time to train and socialise your puppy, you will have a well trained protection dog that fits perfectly into your families lifestyle.

Introducing a puppy to the family home allows the dog to bond with the family and become part of the household. Family members can also be involved in the puppy training process to ensure that the pup understands boundaries and commands set by its owners. Our puppy training program is designed to ensure that the dogs are comfortable in any environment, and have a strong bond with their owners. With Phoenix Trained Dogs, high-net-worth families can be sure that their protection dogs are well-trained and reliable in any situation.

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