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The Power Point of White

In days gone by, people believed that the auroras were created by the cunning white foxes racing across snowy mountain peaks over the tundra, emitting sparks. The fox’s flaming tail whips crystals of snow into the sky and the fur scratches the trees setting the skies on fire, brushing up snowflakes that reflect the moonlight and igniting sparks that cause the blazing aurora borealis. 


These lights are called ‘revontulet’, which translates from Finnish to ‘fox fires’. These northern lights are a mysterious phenomenon. Appearing only on very cold nights, these enchanting illuminations have magical powers beyond human understanding. Like one of the mysteries of the north, GN Tobacco White Fox is here to make its own aurora in the nicotine market. White Fox by GN Tobacco has you covered every time you’re in the mood for something incredible, refreshing and extra strong. White Fox’s intense and fresh flavour experience is reflected in the colours of the can’s stylish design, just like the northern lights in the winter glow. 


White Fox Slim, with an electric blue cover. 

One of the most popular flavours of nicotine pouch is mint. The White Fox Mint is an all-white tobacco-free nicotine pouch with a fresh menthol taste that will take you on a trip to the snowy mountains on a crystal clear day. One refreshing pouch is a combination of a strong nicotine kick with an icy sting. If you’re a lover of nicotine but don’t want to smoke, then this is worth a try to fully enjoy your nicotine experience. All White Fox pouches are made with high quality and comfort in mind, providing a feeling of luxury in every single pouch. 


White Fox Full Charge is a nicotine powerhouse, with magnetic storms turning your aurora into deep red. 

Refreshing and punchy, Full Charge features natural flavours of spearmint added from essential oils. Get your tobacco-free pouch to take full charge of your nicotine experience, with a familiar burn and cooling sensation. Full Charge is the bigger brother of a regular pouch, containing more nicotine and an even bigger kick. Fall in love with red; feel strong, passionate and energised. 


White Fox Double Mint; an impressive pouch with a great taste. 

White Fox Double Mint tobacco-free has a cooling mint aroma, similar to an ice storm in the Alps. It has a surprising mint taste, with an icy sting and refreshing feeling. A refreshing a stimulating combination which lasts even longer thanks to the innovative design. The white pouches are comfortable and as soft as snow. 


White Fox Peppered Mint; a magical auroral display. 

When oxygen is ‘excited’ at high altitude it causes aurora to appear in shades of green. The fiery black pepper offers a hot and spicy flavour underneath your lip, but soon it will turn to a soothing peppermint finish. The unique mix of hot and cold will give you a one-of-a-kind nicotine experience. 


White Fox Black, packaged with a black label, dark as night.

White Fox Black offers unique notes of dark and smoky tobacco flavour, combined with a fresh and slightly sweet hint of rose. It contains essential rose oil known as the ‘Queen of Oils’ for its aroma and powerful emotional benefits. It is the most expensive extract in the world. Get ready to enjoy balanced flavours of rose that will leave a sensation of freshness, sweetness, and a powerful nicotine experience. 


All in all, WHITE FOX is a nice, modern, and high-quality choice that would bring lots of pleasure due to its fresh taste and powerful nicotine dose. These all-white nicotine pouches deliver a deep and intense flavour that is rounded with smooth tones. They won’t stain and drop minimally, which in turn ensures that the stimulating release of both flavour and nicotine lasts for an adequately long time. 


What else is great about White Fox portions? Each portion of White Fox was created using a special fleece material. This unique material exudes flavour and nicotine more efficiently when compared to traditional portion material. 


Not only that, but the pouch material gives an incredibly soft feel which means you’ll hardly notice it under your lip! 

Just choose the flavour you love and let your inner White Fox out! 


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