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The history and tradition of Snus is well known in Scan­dinavian countries, but it is slowly disappearing. Some pioneer­ing snus manufacturers have vowed to keep the tradition alive and to continue bringing traditional snus products to the market.

But the world doesn’t stand still, and neither does the nicotine industry – to keep up with rapidly changing trends. Some progressive manufac­turers have therefore abandoned old habits and are introducing numerous innovations, with great success.

The secret? Tobacco-free nicotine pouches filled with bright flavors, sweeteners, and plant- based fibers.

These novel product lines present a completely new way of enjoying nicotine, offering a satisfying, refreshing experience even to the most discerning connoisseurs.

They often come in different strengths, so some have more nico­tine than others and offer a pleasant kick.


White Fox – The Right and Proper Way to Ingest “Vitamin N”

White Fox was the first all-white tobacco-free product manufactured by GN Tobacco, forging a completely new path for the already successful company. White Fox contains a nicotine extract from the tobacco plant, but contains no tobacco in any form.

The design of White Fox pouches are unique as well; the fast-release pouches provide minimal drip and a long-lasting, cooling sensation, making them a pleasure to pop in your mouth any time the cravings take hold. The slim, discreet pouches boost several profiles of refreshing mint flavors, all inspired by the glitter­ing, snowy mountain landscapes, the crisp, icy air, and the wild nature of northern Sweden.


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