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The T10 Bespoke: Legendary Sound, World Class Craftsmanship

Your sound should match your style. That was our mantra when T10 Bespoke set out to revolutionize the hearables space by creating the first fully customizable, luxury hi-fidelity listening instrument. Introducing the T10 Bespoke, a marvel of audio engineering formed at the intersection of legendary sound and world class craftsmanship.

Just as cars, clothes, and jewelry have become luxury symbols of individuality and self-expression, the T10 Bespoke is designed and uniquely curated to its owner from a near infinite selection of fine materials, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for the wireless audio experience. Each made-to-order piece uses pure gold, silver, and bronze, Italian leathers, exotic hides, rare woods, and milled composites for individualized luxury. Jewelry cast metal offers complete customization to include sculpting, personal themes and lettering, custom fine engraving, and precious gem-stone settings. Taking a cue from the Swiss Watch industry, the T10 Bespoke is hand-crafted one-at-a-time to ensure they are built to perfection for truly distinguished wearable tech.

And you won’t be disappointed with what’s under the hood, either. Twin Cadence Tensilica Hi-Fi DSP’s, along with the very highest-accuracy rear-ported balanced armature transducers, deliver an astonishingly powerful and clear hi-res musical streaming experience. Our patent-pending parametric equalizer allows you to tweak the sound curve to your personal preference, and can even memorize your individual equalization preferences for every song in your collection. T10 delivers a new era in the audio experience. Sound, just the way you like it. With uncompromising quality.

But stunning audio quality is only the beginning. Boasting the internal power of a full computer with both an ARM 4 processor and ARM 0 co-processor, a 9-axis accelerometer Gyroscope, as well as multiple microphones and other sensors, T10 Bespoke are the world’s first in-ear computers. Don’t call them earbuds. They’re beyond earbuds, painstakingly produced as a one-of-one audio experience. The immense and immersive on-board processing allows the wearer to activate all operations using voice-control, head motions, and multi-gesture touch control. With T10 Bespoke, you now have the power to advance play tracks by shaking your head left and right, or answer a call with the simple nod of your head. Issue command words to initiate transparency or ANC without ever lifting a finger. Or touch the face of the ear computer to adjust volume or fast-forward/rewind a track without ever using your phone. 

The team at T10 Bespoke was not only interested in developing the world’s best personal audio tech, our goal was to deliver it in the world’s smallest form factor. Size matters. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. The T10 Bespoke in-ear computers are one half the size of anything on the market, fully slipping into even the smallest ear so discretely it will barely be noticeable they’re there. Our patented “chassis” architecture allows the in-ear computers to not only be the world’s smallest, but also the world’s strongest and lightest as well, weighing in at only 4 grams. These features along with deep in-ear insertion provide all day comfort and stability, firmly remaining in the ear regardless of any vigorous activities. 

The T10 Bespoke is also proud to be the only fully sustainable hearable on the market. Our patented chassis screws together, just like a fine watch, allowing the T10 Bespoke to simply be “unscrewed” for servicing, replacement of rechargeable batteries, or full swap-out of the internal electronics as technology continues to advance. This ensures the T10 Bespoke will never become technically obsolete, and never need to be discarded or thrown away.  The T10 Bespoke: engineered and built to perfection, assuring a lifetime of the highest audio technology, handcrafted luxury design, and unwavering attention to detail that meet your individual aesthetic and personality.

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