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Travel Your Way In Style

In 1990, just before the Premier League began, Chris Leach sat in his basement with a phone, a fax machine and a computer and started phoning his small list of contacts in the aviation industry. From those humble beginnings Air Charter Service now employs 450 staff across its 27 worldwide offices and turns over half a billion pounds worth of business every year. The company now charters over 23,000 flights every year and provides helicopters and private jets to some of the biggest names in sport. 

Chartering a private aircraft allows you unlimited access to a network of private airports and terminals across the world. Avoiding long queues at check-in, lengthy security checks, delayed flights and overnight stops are just some of the ways in which you save time and hassle when flying privately. Increased baggage allowances also allow you the flexibility to take whatever you need on board, from golf clubs and ski equipment to fragile items and oversized luggage. 

Whether you fancy a KFC or a luxury five course meal prepared by a Michelin-starred chef on board, you decide. Catering can be sourced from your favourite restaurant or hotel, along with your preferred wine or blend of whisky. Alternatively, if you are on a strict diet we will be able to cater to your exact requirements. 

Pets on jets – if you are moving abroad or just want to take your pet away with you, most private jets now allow you to take them along with you in the cabin, as opposed to them sitting in the cold and dark hold of a commercial aircraft. 


To find out where you are able to fly to and for all the latest travel restrictions, please talk to our experts or visit our dedicated, constantly updated website.

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