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What to buy in 2022

From powerful luxury cars to stunning timepieces, there are many items that may have caught your attention over the past few months but there might be one asset that wasn’t on your radar before now. 

Whilst it won’t move as quickly as the new Tesla, or glisten quite as much as the latest Hublot, an investment property will create a safety net for the future, allowing you to live more freely for years to come. 

When considering what to buy in 2022, we’d recommend luxury real estate be added to the shopping list! 

Property investment isn’t as expensive as you might be led to believe and it can be totally hands-off by engaging a professional property management company. 

For most investors the best route to ownership is to secure a buy-to-let mortgage, meaning you can buy a rental property by paying from around £60,000, with the bank covering the rest of the property price. After costs, investors receive a steady net income, without lifting a finger. 

Whether you’re based overseas or in the UK, a luxury rental investment property will grow in value as the market moves upwards and earn regular rental income, providing you with a buffer and a certain level of security for the future.


Manchester: Capital of the North


The city that keeps on giving, Manchester is without a doubt one of the best options for investors in 2022.

Three60 is entirely unique, the first tower of its kind in the city, boasting panoramic views and world-class luxury.

Positioned at the entrance to Manchester City Centre, the development is perfect for getting in and out of the city, a broad selection of amenities are on the doorstep and the airport is just 15 minutes’ drive away. 

To learn more about investing in this iconic building, please do get in touch with us on 020 3950 7939, for a no-obligation discussion. 

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