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Dubai – the city of the future has become one of the most sought after destinations in the world. The question most people want to know, is why Dubai has become one of the most attractive places to live and what makes you want to stay.

Due to the tax-free income, relocating to Dubai is one of the major reasons given by many. Building a future, enjoying disposable income, and increasing long term savings are made simple by these tax-free salaries. Safety is also an important consideration when choosing to relocate elsewhere. Dubai has one of the lowest crime rates across the globe and the UAE government ensures that they priortise the safety and comfort for all their residents.

When choosing to relocate, the placement of the country also plays an important factor. Dubai is strategically situated near many nations and serves as a gateway to Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific area, with the international airport offering frequent flights to all major destinations. This guarantees complete accessibility to several regions and serves as a perfect spot for both tourists and residents.

Additionally, Dubai’s real estate market remains booming, with residential real estate as priority. Depending on your requirements and budget, there are a variety of homes you can choose from in prime locations around the city. Since the real estate market offers a favourable investment return and lower property prices than in other cities throughout the world, investors should take advantage of this. Fortunately, Dubai has a continuous stable economy and will continue to prosper due to steady citywide expansion and yearly increases in tourists.

Dubai also offers an exclusive lifestyle that is vibrant and social. The city has a lot to do, including amazing buildings to visit, activities, dining out, a lively nightlife, shopping, and beaches, to name a few. Choosing to live a lavish lifestyle, where there is something for everyone is another reason why many choose to reside in Dubai.

Lastly, Dubai is renowned for having consistently pleasant weather, with moderate temperatures all year round. When residing in the city and beaches are minutes away, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather that the city has to offer.

Introducing: The Golden Villa W48, Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills adds a level of grandeur to the neighbourhood and takes exclusivity to the next level with this stunning villa. From the moment the gates open to the property, a magnitude of luxury surrounds you.

With gold accents running throughout the entire home to create a sense of total opulence, The Golden Villa speaks for itself. From the gold stone that pours from the elevator to the perfectly designed rooms that offer magnificence, this villa elevates exclusivity.

The home comes fully furnished and each piece of furniture has been custom made from Italy, with chandeliers made from Portugal to fit the property perfectly. The villa features six bedrooms upstairs with the potential to convert two additional rooms downstairs plus an additional maid’s room. Each bedroom encompasses their own theme which brings a unique feel to the home and also features a walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom with a jacuzzi and aromatherapy shower alongside solid gold basins.

All the crockery within the house is the Hermes 2022 collection and the property offers a casual dining and formal dining setting. The kitchen is custom made marble and opens up to a chef’s kitchen with a built in living area.

The Golden Villa offers the ultimate luxury with a 5-star spa, a nightclub, a movie theatre, a gym, alongside the vivacious back garden which is perfect for hosting an evening soiree or to unwind at the end of a long day on your liberally-proportioned decked-terrace.

This residence has enough for 12 to 14 live-in employees, and there is underground parking for five vehicles.


26,000 SQ.FT OF BUA

AED 150 ,000,000 | GBP 33, 000,000

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