About SWM

Sports World Magazine

The ultimate showcase in luxury living for an exclusive client base

Success is no accident

SWM has rapidly become the world’s leading media, magazine and lifestyle management service, exclusively for sport and entertainment professionals. We are a media organisation that connects luxury brands with high-net-worth individuals, primarily made up of professional footballers and their families.

We combine a luxury print publication, digital platforms, social channels and our lifestyle management service to ensure businesses receive full exposure. We are one of the only direct routes that allows luxury brands to target a very niche but affluent audience.

Work with our team and receive print allocations, social media promotion, design services, website exposure and full brand management throughout your campaign.
We offer a number of regional and global advertising, marketing and strategic partnership opportunities, to suit each brand or client’s personal requirements, geographical reach and marketing budget.

We offer a number of advertising, marketing and strategic partnership opportunities, both regionally and globally. To meet personal requirements, these campaigns are tailored to suit each brand’s geographical reach and marketing budget.

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand

Humble beginnings

From idea to inception

Creating a brand doesn’t happen overnight. Our brand is an evolution of what was once an idea in our minds, put into action. The product’s first release was just the physical reality of 12 months of sacrifice. Self-funding your own business is never an easy task. We worked relentlessly, even slept on the office floor most nights to keep ourselves focussed and always one step ahead of the game.

Striking partnerships, creating innovative ideas and developing ways to access an almost untouchable market place. The goal was always to create a product and service for the players, rather than about them, but the business model has evolved so much more than we could have ever anticipated. We always try to look forward at how we can grow and improve, but when we do look back, what we have achieved with the client base we are now working with, in such a short space of time, is quite remarkable.

Liam & Andrew

Managing Directors


The modern day athlete lives a highly demanding lifestyle. Our mission is to give our clients peace of mind. Our team take care of every aspect of their lives to give them back the luxury of time. Partnering with the world’s leading brands we have curated a network of industry experts to guide our client base in the right direction whatever their lifestyle requirements.


To produce, to partner, to provide and to please

To Produce

a luxury product and personalised service to all clients.

To Partner

with the world most prestigious companies.

To Provide

partners with the best marketing vehicle to reach this exclusive audience.

To Please

both players and partners throughout the campaign.


To remain as the go-to brand to reach this elite network of professionals and to continue to grow, adapt, evolve and improve our services for both client base and partners.