Privacy Policy


  • Here at Sports World Media Ltd, we are proud of the fact that we operate with privacy in mind. We believe we have a responsibility to safeguard privacy so that the trust between our clients and us are maintained.
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Payment Services Directive (PSD II) are designed to give you more control. Our top priority is ensuring that our customers and users can use us and be assured of the transparency of the service they receive.
  • We may share your information with third-party businesses and partners of Sports World Media to help with the promotion of your brand/business.
  • This information will be shared on approval from yourself or a company representative.
  • Business and personal introductions are a key part of how we ensure ROI for you and your business.
  • Outside of the above information, Sports World Media promises to store your approved data in the safest and securest way, allowing you to be in full control of whom you do business with and who has access to your information.