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Paphos, Cyprus.


Owning a home at a golf resort can be a great investment for those looking for a vacation home or an investment with attractive returns. Not only do these properties offer access to high-end amenities and beautiful surroundings, but they also have potential for excellent returns and capital appreciation. There is something undeniably peaceful and pleasant about being in an environment where the surroundings are coordinated and well maintained. Whether you are a golfer or not, living in a resort environment come with many advantages.


Minthis is renowned for its beauty and its authentic concept which has been inspired by the very nature in which is sits. The resort is set among the ancient olive groves, fragrant orchards and undulating hills of the wine producing region of Paphos. As part of a protected Natura 2000 site, where just 3% of the resorts 5 million square meters will be built on, privacy and stunning views are guaranteed.  

The contemporary residences at Minthis are fully customizable and each design is nestled into a generously sized plot. The villas and suites all follow the same design philosophy prioritising, light, space and the landscape. The extraordinary location and original philosophy, combined with award winning property range and world-class facilities, where you can stay, dine, play golf or unwind in the newly open spa, make the resort an incomparable destination for both guest and home owners. 


The real estate options at Minthis are diverse and the strategy is low density, guaranteeing exclusivity and long-term property and rental values. Alongside the world-class Residences, Villas and Suites, Minthis currently features an 18-hole championship golf course, contemporary Clubhouse with restaurant, café and bar, a unique destination wellness Spa, outdoor fitness area  and soon a Sports Ground and Equestrian Centre.

Now is an ideal time to invest at the resort, it is established enough to be a secure investment but new enough to ensure appreciation, with over 200 properties already sold and the facilities complete, this new lifestyle destination is quickly coming to life.

Benefits of owning a resort property


Resort developments are less exposed to property trends thanks to their prestige and desire. Minthis has proven capital appreciation with properties at the resort continuously increasing in value over the years. Just one year after launch there was a 7% increase and each year since prices have risen by an average of 5%. We predict that this average will increase now that the facilities are complete and thanks to the continued forward investment and the careful maintenance of all resort properties and buildings.


Minthis is expected to generate an excellent annual gross rental yield of 5-8% per anumn thanks to the year round climate and mild winters, which are ideal for both golf and spa vacationers. This means that the resort is not just seasonal but a vibrant year-round destination.


From an investment perspective, golf course developments offer a wide range of facilities and amenities, the higher the quality of the on-site amenities, the greater the likelihood of being able to rent your property. The world-class facilities at Minthis include a newly opened ground-breaking wellness Spa and The Plateia, our social square has already opened its bar and fashion boutique and will  soon be opening with a further range of social, dining and shopping options.


The Ezousa Suites offer a ‘hassle free’ investment with competitive returns, proven capital appreciation, great desirability and attractive benefits for the investor.

Our 2-bedroom Suites are sold with an assured 10-year rental term, where the property will be furnished and managed by a team of hospitality experts at Minthis Resort Ltd. During this term they will be used as luxury boutique accommodation for the resort guests, and as well as offering the resort owner 14 days usage per anumn, he or she will receive net profits from the resorts income. In addition, to make this a simple offer and great prospect, there are no additional ownership costs and all operating and maintenance expenses are covered.

Furthermore, a recent law passed in 2019 allows the VAT of 19% to be claimed back when investing in integrated hospitality resorts, that are operated by a vatable company, like Minthis Resort Ltd.

An example of the types of returns you can expect, depend upon the investment value and the resorts occupancy, some examples of the types of returns to expect are below;

The above figures are based on the last years occupancy rates at The Suites, 40 of which are in operation under a similar scheme which has proven to be highly successful.

The Ezousa Suites comprise of 50, 2-bedroom Suites or Duplexes, there are just 8 remaining units available with the majority already sold and the construction due for completion in 2023 (operational in 2024).

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