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Artscape at Joali Maldives

Welcome to the first and only art-immersive luxury island resort in the Maldives. Designed around the idea of sustainable glamour, our Island of Joy is home to 73 exclusive beach and water villas with private pools.

Art is everywhere at JOALI Maldives. Experiential artworks unfold across our island, inviting you to experience a creative dialogue between international art forms and indigenous influences, craftsmanship and materials.

As a responsible luxury brand, JOALI also aims to support the local community and revive Maldivian artistic traditions — a wonderful initiative to take part in while you soak up the bliss of island life.

Brimming with opportunities for inspiration and joy, JOALI Maldives is an interactive art destination for dreamers, creators and wonder-seekers. Are you ready to embark on your creative adventure?

Here at JOALI Maldives, we believe that the value of art extends far beyond its role as show pieces. At its best, art should be immersive. It should spark curiosity, illuminate perception and inspire insight.

Art isn’t just meant to be seen — it is meant to be experienced.

Be transported to a wondrous realm on the wings of creativity. Pause, gaze and reflect. Soak in the essence of each piece and artist, and let them speak to your soul.


The Island of Joy is home to pieces that capture and conserve nature, both materially and visually. The distinctive natural setting of JOALI Maldives is imaginatively reflected in the artworks through motifs, shapes, colours, materials and craftsmanship.

Some artists created their masterpieces on-site, working closely with architects, engineers and locals on the island. Others made special pieces or adapted their existing works to JOALI’s immersive art concept and tropical climate.

With sustainability at the heart of our resort, it was important for art to coexist harmoniously with nature.

Accordingly, based on their individual style and visual impact, the artworks have been placed in carefully chosen locations around JOALI Maldives. Each creation is thus thoughtfully integrated into its natural surroundings.

Embark on a creative treasure hunt across our island!

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