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Crafting Dreams

Since 1852, Hästens has taken up the challenge of designing the best sleep possible. The skillful craftsmen at Hästens’ factory in Köping, Sweden, have worked to perfect the bedmaking craft for generations. Every Hästens bed is handmade using only premium natural materials.


For the past 10 years Hästens and Ferris Rafauli have collaborated to create the world’s most indulgent bed, with an utmost passion for luxury, detail and quality, the Grand Vividus was made. Drawing on 168 years of expertise, Grand Vividus, offers a new level of comfort and craftsmanship. Ferris Rafauli is an architectural designer known for delivering innovative for an elite clientele and when he created Grand Vividus he took inspiration from Hästens heritage and long history as bed and saddle makers to create this unparalleled art piece.


”Hästens is well known for manufacturing the world’s best beds and our team for our world-class projects. Therefore, it felt right that these two worlds meet to create not only the most comfortable bed to sleep in, but also the world’s most luxurious bed,” says Ferris Rafauli.


Grand Vividus represents a new level of craftsmanship at Hästens, with the craftsmen in Köping undertaking a new training program from a Swedish master saddle maker to create the exquisite details with absolute precision. Each Grand Vividus contains more horse tail hair, wool, cotton and flax, and slow-growing Swedish pine, than has ever gone into a Hästens bed before, giving it an impressive mass of 622 kilograms*. Each bed takes 600 hours to complete and entirely made by hand in Sweden, a design unlike any other, grand Vividus is enigmatic – the result being a bed that stands as a piece of art. Sleeping is an essential part of living and it can’t be replaced. Sleep is the best meditation for the mind and body. I have never been a great sleeper. My mind is very active and I get my most creative thoughts at night and so it is difficult for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I therefore rely heavily on the perfect bed to help me sleep and stay asleep. The Hästens bed helps me do that. Hästens has over 200 years of tradition in designing and hand building beds from organic, natural and earthly material, their oversized beds allows me to get the perfect sleep and rest for my busy mind”, says Ferris Rafauli.


Available in four different colourways – Black Shadow, Traditional Blue, Phantom Charcoal and Natural Shale – each colour choice has coordinating vegetable-tanned burnished leather trim reinforced with rivets in golden brass, nubuck check base and shagreen handles.


Available now by private appointment through the SWM team.

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