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Get To Know GVE London

Tell us a little more about you?

I’m the owner of GVE London, one of the UK’s largest supercar showrooms based in West London. 


How did you get into selling supercars?

I used to be an Accountant in the city but decided that life wasn’t for me. I always wanted to run my own business and be in control of my future, so at the age of 25, I left my job and started my business from my bedroom with £8,000 savings. Initially, I was exporting the cars to Thailand and Singapore, but then I decided to open a showroom to sell the supercars in the UK. 


How is your Showroom different from the others?

GVE London is the only supercar showroom in the country that provides Sales, Detailing, Wrapping, Servicing, Bodyshop, Bodykits and Finance under one roof. The aim is to take care of our clients in every step of their supercar ownership.


Why would a client deal with GVE London over the Main Dealer?

We have one of the largest collection of supercars, stocking around 90 supercars across 15 different brands. Our staff, who are knowledgeable in each brand, provide impartial advice to get you into the right car. Savings can be as high as £100,000 when buying a very low mileage used car from us versus a brand-new car from the main dealer. 


What is it like to run a Supercar showroom?

I think it is one of the most enjoyable yet most demanding jobs you can get. We are dealing with some of the highest-profile clients in the country, ensuring they leave our showroom perfectly happy is not an easy task but we enjoy the challenge. We have 40 members of staff each of whom has different personalities and skills, my job is to direct and motivate them every day, not much different to a football manager.  


What’s the most expensive car you’ve sold?

In 2018 we sold a McLaren P1 for £1.4m, it’s a fantastic car and one day will be worth a lot more. 


What’re your best-selling brands?

For the last 5 years, McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari have been our best sellers.


What supercars have you owned personally and what was your favourite?

I’ve had so many but more recently Lamborghini Aventador SV, McLaren 675LT, Ferrari Speciale and a Ferrari F12. The Ferrari Speciale suited me the best, I thought it was the most stylish car but also the car that was most engaging and well balanced.  


How do you decide what supercar to buy?

Narrow your choice by asking questions like…Do you want comfort or would you prefer a track-focused car? Are you wanting to drive long or short distances? Do you need the latest technology?  Also, consider when to buy your supercar. If you buy it as soon as it’s released, you may have to pay a hefty premium to get into it only to see the prices crashing down 4 months later. It’s always best to speak to an expert (independent of any brand) before making a decision on a supercar purchase. 


What supercar would you advise buying today?

For everyday use, the Lamborghini Urus, it looks stunning, it’s holding its value and is the ultimate balance between a supercar and a SUV. For a true supercar, the Ferrari 488 Pista is the ultimate track weapon and hard to match for the thrills it will deliver. For value for money, the McLaren 720s is as much supercar you would need for UK roads, the price is now around £160,000 for a low mileage example which is nearly £100,000 less than its list price. 


What supercar would be a good investment?

There’s no denying that the whole car world will be mostly electric very soon. For that reason, I would say get the best of the dying breed before they stop making them and prices skyrocket. A limited run, naturally aspirated V12 or V8, like a Ferrari F12 TDF or 458 Speciale Aperta are currently at the same value they were around 5 years ago and will undoubtedly see big increases when the economy becomes strong again. What’s more, any gain in value you see on your car will be exempt from Capital Gains Tax when you come to sell it.  


Should you finance a Supercar?

With interest rates so low, financing your car makes perfect sense when you have better uses for your money such as shares or buy-to-let properties. 


Once you’ve bought a Supercar, what next?

Protect the paintwork. I can’t stress how important this is. Paint protection film (PPF) is a plastic that is applied on top of your paintwork and is virtually invisible. It means no more stone chips, scratches or scuffs. You can also go for a Stealth PPF which turns your paintwork into a satin finish and protects it at the same time. 


You’ve had experiences of working with many Premiership Footballers in the past, what services do they typically use from yourselves? 

Yes, we’ve got some great relationships with our clients from the footballing world. Typically, when they purchase the car from us it is very normal for them to customise their car with a new wrap, body kit. exhaust, upgraded wheels, and media upgrades. Most recently, we’ve introduced a new department where we’ve carried out a luxury Mercedes V-class conversion for Aaron Wan-Bissaka.


What next for GVE London?

The future is exciting. This year we’re aiming to add two new floors to the showroom. This will give us the capacity to stock up to 160 supercars, making us one of the largest Supercar Showroom in Europe. We’ll also be deal a lot more in Hypercars and the modern classics going forward. 

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